‘Squad’ Extremist Rashida Tlaib Cries After City of Detroit Sues Black Lives Matter for ‘Civil Conspiracy’

Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) is enraged that the city of Detroit is pushing back against Black Lives Matter with a lawsuit alleging the left-wing terror outfit is engaging in “civil conspiracy.”

She wrote an op/ed in the Detroit Free Press whining about the city of Detroit’s refusal to roll over to BLM terrorists as “an unthinkable assault on our constitutional rights.”

“We are watching the next generation of civil rights leaders being demonized by those in positions of power and the media. You can’t deny the facts. Peaceful protesters were violently assaulted, run over and tear gassed by our police department during one of the largest social justice mobilizations of our lifetime,” Tlaib wrote.

“These attacks were carried out while many of the leaders and representatives of the city applauded their actions or stood by in silent approval,” she added.

Despite Tlaib’s moans, the city of Detroit is moving forward with the lawsuit against BLM. They blame BLM-affiliated groups for demonstrations that “have repeatedly turned violent, endangering the lives of police and the public” and claim that they have defamed the mayor and the police.

This is a countersuit to a BLM-style group, Detroit Will Breathe, that is suing the city of Detroit in an attempt to prevent police from enforcing the law and busting up their violent displays. The city of Detroit is seeking damages from BLM-style groups in their civil suit.

Big League Politics has reported on Detroit surprisingly becoming the model for how to deal with BLM terrorists under the leadership of valiant police chief James Craig:

While many cities such as Seattle, Portland, New York City, Minneapolis and many others have descended into lawless hellscapes due to the ongoing Black Lives Matter terror uprising, the city of Detroit – typically known for its squalor and destitution – has been largely unscathed.

The reason? Detroit police chief James Craig is refusing to give an inch to the thugs, looters, robbers and leftist agitators in his city’s streets.

Craig said that Detroit law enforcement used force to stop leftists from creating a “Seattle zone of lawlessness” inside of the city on Saturday night.

“I am not going to let any group set up a Seattle zone of lawlessness here in the city of Detroit,” Craig said. “That is non-negotiable.”

The infamous CHAZ/CHOP disaster in Seattle resulted in at least two deaths and one sexual assault. Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan pretty much ordered cops to allow it to happen, up until the point she felt personally threatened, then the anarchist collective was put down immediately.

Detroit is not repeating the same pattern of behavior that turned Seattle upside down. A left-wing terror group, Detroit Will Breathe, shut down a busy metropolitan area in Detroit on Saturday, presumably to start their own CHOP. This resulted in 44 arrests, sixteen of whom were actually from the city of Detroit. The other individuals were outside agitators looking to exploit the mayhem for their own ends.

Craig is calling reports that officers acted inappropriately while shutting down the display erroneous. He believes that the use of force used by his officers against the mob on Saturday to protect the streets was justified.

“I’ve never seen a use of force that looks good,” Craig said. “But when we tried to effect arrests, the officers were met with resistance. Was force used? Absolutely. But there’s a difference between force being used and a determination if the force was excessive.”

“If we find wrongdoing, we’ll take action,” Craig added.

Even though she is the Congresswoman representing Detroit, Tlaib’s influence over the city’s politics is minimal. She has not implemented Sharia quite yet.

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