Staffer For FL Gov. Candidate FIRED After Trump Assassination Tweet

Big League Politics can confirm that Manny Orozco Ballestas, the Youth Director for Andrew Gillum’s campaign for Florida Governor, has been fired. His firing comes in the response to deleted Tweets that were uncovered by Jacob Engels at the Central Florida Post.

The Tweets are extremely vulgar and disturbing, with one advocating for the assassination of President Trump, and another alluding that pacifiers are meant to prepare babies for oral sex with him later in life. The latter Tweet can be seen at this link, as it is too disgusting to embed in this article.

Gillum campaign staffer tells Donald Trump he needs to be executed.

Along with those two Tweets, multiple other extremely insulting ones were found, and can be seen in the original Central Florida Post article.

In response to the Tweets, a representative with the Gillum campaign confirmed that Orozco Ballestas no longer works for the campaign.

“The type of language this young man used on social media before his employment with our campaign is unacceptable and he will no longer be working with the campaign,” stated Gillum campaign spokesman Joshua Karp.

His firing is coming after days of scrutiny for other comments made by the former Youth Director.

As previously reported at Big League Politics, Gillum has been facing criticism after the same Florida staffer was caught calling the citizens of Florida “dumbf***s,” with a shirt that attacks every state that voted for President Trump in 2016.

After reporting by Big League Politics, the Florida Republican Party made an official call for his firing.

Despite numerous attempts to contact the campaign, they declined to make any response to Big League Politics, seeming to support the message on the shirt.

The only problem with these Tweets is that it is hard to tell which ones the staffer was fired over. Would the Trump assassination Tweet on its own be enough?

All that is clear is that Manny made himself too toxic for even the most far-left candidate for governor currently in the running. I’d imagine it’s difficult to get fired from the campaign of the man championing impeachment of a sitting president presiding over historic economic growth.

But now Manny has all the time in the world to Tweet about whatever his little heart desires.


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