UPDATE: Stanford Fellow Hints At Possible Justin Fairfax Sex Assault

A woman named Vanessa Tyson, who is a fellow at Stanford University, says that a man who allegedly sexually assaulted her at the 2004 Democratic National Convention is now an office-holder about to get a “very big promotion,” according to a screenshot provided by a tipster. A friend of Tyson’s named Adria Scharf, based in Richmond, Virginia, shared the “heartbreaking” message, which Tyson wrote as a private post.

Tyson is a fellow at California-based Stanford University and professor at California-based Scripps College, which means the alleged sexual assaulter must hold office on the East Coast. Tyson says her alleged attacker won statewide office in 2017.

Justin Fairfax was a John Kerry staffer in 2004, and won an election in 2017 in an East Coast state. Now, he is poised to become governor of Virginia if racist Ralph Northam resigns as Democratic leaders and his own state party demand.

Big League Politics has reached out to Vanessa Tyson for comment.

UPDATE: Monday morning, Fairfax responded to the allegations in a statement that acknowledges that the allegations exist. He denies the allegation.

Here is Tyson’s Twitter page.

UPDATE: 2:55 AM, Monday, February 4

Virginia Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax took to Twitter around 3:00 AM to release a statement confirming the alleged sexual assault victim Vanessa Tyson took her allegations to the Washington Post “more than a year ago,” after which the Washington Post spiked the story.

Here is the language from Lt. Gov. Fairfax’s statement published around 3:00 AM Monday morning which confirmsĀ The Washington Post received Ms. Tyson’s allegations and chose not to believe her.




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