Stanford Wants to Add “American” to List of “Harmful Language” Terms

Stanford University wants to eliminate the term “American.” Back in May, university officials crafted the “Elimination of Harmful Language Initiative” that outlined a list of terms that would later be banned. “American” was among the several terms that university officials aim to ban. 

For the language policers, “American” is too focused on the US and ignores the 41 other countries that are in the region. 

Instead, the university calls for “US citizens” to serve as an alternative. According to Jarryd Jaeger of The Post Millenial, Stanford placed its lists of terms and phrases into the following 8 categories:

“Ableist, Ageism, Culturally Appropriative, Gender-based, Imprecise Language, Institutionalized Racism, Person-First, and Violent.”

The list, which was recently password protected following backlash, was widely shared and criticized on social media.

After immense criticism online, the list would later receive password protection. 

Other terms such as “handicap parking,” “addict,” and “Karen” are also terms that should be changed according to Stanford social engineers. Instead, the terms should be replaced with “accessible parking,” “person with a substance abuse disorder,” and “demanding or entitled White woman,” respectively.

Per Stanford, the list was crafted during an 18-month period in “collaboration with stakeholder groups.” All students and staff are encouraged to use this list. 

One way that the cultural Left wants to assert its power is through the control of language. As George Orwell observed, “Political language… is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.” 

Language matters. When the cultural Left controls it, they can dictate the terms of the debate and further consolidate their hold over every aspect of the culture. 

Stanford’s suggestion to change language along PC lines is just another reminder as to why universities and their backers need to face punishment. The nationalist Right must make it a point to weaken these institutions and promote alternative forms of education that are free of the woke mind virus.

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