Starbucks CEO Highlights Slow Texas Police ‘Response Time’ In Newly Leaked Meeting

Joe Pugliese

A report by BLP earlier this month revealed that Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz said that criminal activity is forcing mass closings of stores around the country with more to come. The revelations came from leaked footage obtained by The Post Millennial.

Things do not seem to be getting better for Schultz and his company. Ari Hoffman of The Post Millennial has obtained additional footage from the famous coffee shop in which the CEO is seen expressing further concerns about how increased crime has affected operations.

A video featuring Schultz answering a question from the crowd about how the coffee giant is strengthening security measures in stores around the nation.

“Walking through and listening in the co-creation sessions, and hearing about safety and security for our partners is a completely new phenomenon that I was unaware of. Now, certainly coming back on April 4, I had not really understood the fragile nature of the issue,” said Schultz, who added that security concerns have increased after recent mass shootings in Uvalde, Buffalo, and Highland Park.

“When you think about — Starbucks is involved in every community in America, 100 million people coming through our stores. God forbid something could happen inside a Starbucks store,” he said.

Shultz told the audience that the process of enhancing store security is a “work in process.”

“We’re just trying to understand what we need to do.”

“As an example, just think about the thought that we are going to have to provide training. Think about this. We’re going to provide training and understanding of what do we do inside a store God forbid someone shows up with a gun,” continued the CEO. “Not talking about a robbery, that’s something else entirely. I’m talking about a shooter.”

Schultz described harrowing accounts of female employees on the job who fear for their physical safety when opening or closing the store alone.

“I’m afraid to close the store, because I’m not sure in the person who I was concerned about has left the bathroom,” he said when describing what female employees have told him.

The Starbucks CEO recounted a recent incident at a San Antonio location where local police allegedly did not show up until two hours after being called four separate times.

“And San Antonio is not an anomaly,” he added.

Increased crime in the United States has had a measurable effect on the company. Starbucks locations set to shut their doors include five in Seattle, one in Everett, six in the Los Angeles area, and two in Portland, Oregon, along with locations in Philadelphia and Washington, DC, according to The Post.

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