State Department Accuses Red China of Allegedly Stealing $1 Billion in Trade Secrets

In the past week, relations between China and the U.S. have deteriorated as a result of allegations that China is stealing trade secrets from the U.S.

The FBI declared that the Chinese government is behaving like “an organized criminal syndicate” for its far-reaching efforts to commit theft in cyberspace and stealing American trade secrets in addition to the hacking of American trade secrets on top of Wuhan virus research.

According to State Department spokesperson Morgan Ortagus, China has allegedly stolen at least $1 billion in total research from the United States.

She also pointed to the Chinese consulate in Houston, which the U.S. instructed to be shut down and later “cease all operations and events,” as being “the epicenter” of the research that is allegedly being stolen.

Beijing has promised to retaliate with punitive measures but nothing concrete has surfaced so far.

China’s rise has been one of the biggest stories of the past 40 years and how the U.S. will handle it has yet to be seen.

Instead of trying to pursue regime change, the U.S. should focus on soft power measures, using punitive tariffs, and restricting migration from the country in order to change its behavior and keep it in check in a realistic fashion.

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