State Department APOLOGIZES, Offers ‘Free Therapy’ For ‘Triggered’ Staffers Who Were Misgendered In Email ‘Pronoun Glitch’

The State Department has issued an apology after it misgendered some of its employees in an apparent email glitch on Friday.

They are blaming tech for the mishap – which misgendered staffers with random pronouns – and are now offering free therapy to anyone who felt “hurt or upset” by the late week email. 

According to The Washington Free Beacon:

Many State Department employees were “triggered” on Thursday, when emails from colleagues suddenly began to include random pronouns, like, “She/her/hers” and “He/Him/His” in the “from” line.

The pronouns were randomly assigned, with men being given female pronouns and vice versa, due to a “pronoun glitch” in the department’s system…

Those upset by the misgendering are encouraged to contact the State Department’s Employee Consultation Service “to speak to a professional counselor.”

Oh, the horror. The State Department’s chief information officer, Kelly E. Fletcher, wrote in a another email that she is “very sorry.” Adding that the intent behind the problematic email was to make staffers feel more included. 

She emphasized it was not intended to “make decisions” for staff members – referring to their pronouns of choice.

“I deeply regret the confusion and distress this mistake caused our workforce,” Fletcher concluded.

Obviously, the State Department is doing everything it can to rectify and apologize for the incident before the alphabet mafia comes for revenge. 

After the story initially broke, Twitter was rampant with accounts mocking the institution over its quick backtracking and apology tour. With many accounts slamming the State Department over its obsession with inclusion and, above all, wokeness.

Imagine being “triggered” over a stupid office email. This news reads like satire.

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