State Department Official Resigns Over the Biden Regime’s Israel Policy

Towards the end of March, State Department official Annelle Sheline announced her resignation from her position in the Biden regime. Sheline worked for a year as a foreign affairs officer at the Office of Near Eastern Affairs in the State Department’s Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor. 

Sheline specifically cited Israel’s heavy-handed response to Hamas’ attack on Israel on October 7, 2023 for her resignation. At the time of publishing her resignation letter, she noted that over “32,000 people — 13,000 of them children” have perished in this conflict. Moreover, she highlighted that residents of Gaza could face potential starvation conditions: 

“Israel is credibly accused of starving the 2 million people who remain, according to the UN special rapporteur on the right to food; a group of charity leaders warns that without adequate aid, hundreds of thousands more will soon likely join the dead.”

Sheline was particularly perturbed by Israel’s plans of invading Rafah, where the majority of Palestinians residing in Gaza have fled to. She believes that a prospective invasion of Rafah could be devastating. On top of that, the former State Department official lamented the situation in the West Bank, where “armed settlers and Israeli soldiers have killed Palestinians, including US citizens.” She believes that such actions constitute the definition of genocide and are are carried out  “with the diplomatic and military support of the US government.”

Sheline stressed how she worked for the office tasked with promoting human rights in the Middle East. That said, she noted that “as a representative of a government that is directly enabling what the International Court of Justice has said could plausibly be a genocide in Gaza, such work has become almost impossible.” 

One interesting point that Sheline raised was that the US government has lost credibility as a proponent for human rights once Israel’s punitive military campaign kicked off. She added that members of civil society across the Middle East have refused to respond to her overtures to reach out to them. 

Moreover, Sheline was horrified at how 90 Palestinian journalists have been slaughtered in Gaza since the Israel-Hamas conflict kicked off, according to reports from the  

Committee to Protect Journalists. This is the most recorded journalist deaths in any single military conflict since the CPJ began gathering data in 1992. The aforementioned factors ultimately prompted her to resign from her post at the State Department. 

This is a courageous move no matter how one slices it. The US has no business being involved in the Israel-Hamas conflict. The Middle East is of no strategic interest to the US, and with the US’s southern border with Mexico collapsing, the last thing it should be doing is engaging in another geopolitical quagmire in the Middle East. 

One of the best ways to discredit the US government’s support of Israel’s ethnic cleansing venture is for more officials with the Biden regime who have a guilty conscience to continue resigning. 

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