Statue of George Floyd Vandalized in New York City

A dissident youth defaced a statue of home invasion convict George Floyd in New York City on Sunday morning, making a statement of defiance against the Minneapolis man coronated as a God by America’s liberal establishment in the wake of last summer’s race riots.

A Floyd statue erected in Union Square, Manhattan, along with statues of Breonna Taylor and Democrat partisan John Lewis, was the target of a protest on the part of an individual witnesses have described as a skateboarder. The Floyd statue, made of bronze, was decorated with a line of silver paint.

After the protestor retrieved silver paint from a backpack and doused the statue, he escaped the scene of the political idols on a skateboarder.

The Floyd statue had been previously protested and vandalized, suggesting that it’s set to become a place of contention for New York City political dissidents who oppose America’s ‘woke dictatorship.’ Police are yet to make an arrest in the latest protest of the Floyd statue, but it’s likely the youth who protested the left-wing idol will be treated as a political terrorist and charged with serious felonies for defying Floyd’s deification.

George Floyd had been convicted of multiple felonies, including one home invasion robbery in Texas which landed him a sizable prison sentence.

Leftists continue to attack statues of America’s greatest men, including Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt.

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