Statue of Rice University Founder is Set to be Relocated in Efforts to Cleanse the University of its “Racist” Past

A statue commemorating the founder of Rice University Is soon being relocated following years of student criticism and activist pressure. According to a report by Houston Public Media, such shrill discourse has been part of efforts by activists to make the university reflect on its history of racism.

The statue of William Marsh Rice was traditionally located in Rice campus’ Academic Quadrangle. However, due to student pressure, it will be moved to a new location with historical context tacked on to the statue that talks about the controversial aspects of William Marsh Rice’s life. One of the points emphasized in the modification to his monument is how he owned at least 15 slaves.

Rice officials have plans to build a new monument to celebrate the school’s inaugural integration measures in the 1960s.

Starting this spring, the monument’s design process will move forward. In May, a proposed design will subsequently be sent to trustees.

“We intend for the Academic Quadrangle to both fully acknowledge the history of our founding and founder, and to mark and celebrate the important evolution and growth of our university over time,” declared Rob Ladd, chairman of the Board of Trustees. “We believe the redesign will allow us to move forward as a community.”

William Marsh Rice chartered Rice University in 1891. At the time, Rice University was only open to white students. It wasn’t until 1965 that Rice became integrated. 

With these facts in mind, the radical Left has made sure to put Rice in its crosshairs as part of its broader campaign to erase all facets of American history. 

The Left will not stop until the memory and legacy of Americans who lived prior to the Civil Rights Revolution and held controversial views is completely memory-holed. These people have a post-American mindset and the first step in achieving their multicultural agenda is by destroying America’s history. 

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