Stephen Miller: Biden Immigration Jailbreak Will Release 12,000 Criminals a Month into American Communities

Former advisor to President Donald Trump Stephen Miller broke down the ramifications of President Biden’s immigration jailbreak executive order on Tucker Carlson Tonight Monday.

Biden has ordered Immigration and Customs Enforcement to release nearly every illegal alien detained in its custody.

Miller pointed out that Biden’s jailbreak order was largely unprecedented in the history of American law enforcement. ICE primarily arrests convicted criminals with felony records, a demographic they’re now set loose into American communities at the behest of President Biden.

The Department of Homeland Security dialed back the jailbreak directive following Tucker Carlson’s reporting on the matter, but it’s unclear who they’re going to keep in detention and who will simply be set loose.

The jailbreak order made no exception for felons.

Biden’s immigration detention jailbreak order would essentially turn the federal government into a ‘sanctuary’ jurisdiction, with local and state law enforcement left with no means to transfer criminal aliens to the feds for deportation. Don’t even think about the federal government deporting anybody who hasn’t committed an additional crime- Biden administration guidelines forbid ICE from deporting anyone overstaying their visas, a demographic that makes up the majority of illegal aliens in the United States.

The elimination of immigration detention combined with powers of deportation represents no less than a wholesale embrace of the globalist open borders approach long favored by the American political elite.

Joe Biden’s attempt to suspend all deportations was halted by a federal judge on Tuesday in response to a lawsuit on the part of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, but it’s possible to amnesty provision could be re-implemented by the appeals courts or by Biden in the coming weeks.

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