Still Hacking: Hillary Can’t Stop Coughing in New Video From UK

Hillary Clinton Coughing United Kingdom

Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was seen having another of her famous coughing attacks while visiting the United Kingdom.

Clinton was caught on video coughing and asking for water while preparing to deliver a speech at Mansfield College in Oxford. Clinton was in Oxford to deliver a speech during the unveiling of a statue of Eleanor Roosevelt at the school on October 8.

In the video, uploaded to Twitter by Oxford Mail reporter Harrison Jones, Clinton can be seen walking along a sidewalk at Mansfield College coughing repeatedly. As she gets closer to the journalist’s camera, she can be heard coughing loudly and clamoring for water while trying to hold conversation and walk.

“I’m going to have some water,” Clinton told the person she was walking with, before proceeding to ask someone off camera “Can I get some water? Would you go get it for me?”

Clinton can be heard coughing at least 7 separate times in the short 42 second video.

As Clinton turned the corner, she waved at onlookers and received a brief cheer. However, one person close to the journalist was caught on the hot mic saying what sounded like, “they should mummify her.”

Clinton was plagued with public episodes of coughing throughout her 2016 presidential campaign, leading mainstream Republicans to speculate about what ailments could cause frequent coughing fits over several months. Rumors were made worse for Clinton on September 11, 2016, when she became pneumatic and appeared to faint as she entered a campaign vehicle after leaving a 9/11 memorial event early due to health concerns.

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