Stolen Truck Owner Chases and Kills Carjacker In Shootout

A San Antonio, Texas man had his Ford Truck stolen towards the end of July. However, he tracked the vehicle to a mall parking lot in the city. 

He ended up killing the suspected carjacker in a shootout that transpired in the afternoon of July 27. 

According to a report by KENS5, the truck was stolen while the owner was in the mall doing shopping early in the afternoon of that day. He tracked the vehicle and was able to locate it on the south side of the mall. 

The suspected thief and a female accomplice were inside the truck when the owner found the stolen vehicle. 

Per an NBC News report, the truck owner ordered the alleged carjacker and his female accomplice to get on the ground. He called the police as he held them at gunpoint.

Eventually, the alleged carjacker drew out his own gun and shot the truck owner. The owner fired back, fatally wounding the suspecting thief, while wounding the female companion.

San Antonio Police Chief William McManus discussed the incident, declaring, “The bad guy is the one dead, yes. The driver of the stolen vehicle is deceased, shot by the owner of the stolen vehicle.”

“We would prefer that (you) call the police before taking that into your own hands,” McManus continued. “But he (the truck’s owner) did what he felt he needed to do, and we have one dead suspect, and we have a critically wounded passenger who was with the suspect, and we have a wounded owner of the vehicle.”

Defensive gun use cases like the one in San Antonio are not fantastical scenarios that come from the fertile imaginations of Second Amendment proponents. They’re very real incidents that occur on a daily basis in America. Based on 17 surveys that he has analyzed, Second Amendment researcher John Lott discovered that there were 760,000 cases of defensive handgun use and 3.6 million defensive use cases that involved any sort of firearm on a yearly basis. 

Pro-gun states such as Texas are filled with many of these incidents of lawful gun owners standing up to criminals. And you can b

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