STONE: Peter Strzok Follows Reporter From The ‘Illegal’ Leak of My Testimony

Operation Crossfire Hurricane point man Peter Strzok, who was fired from the FBI, follows a number of mainstream media reporters on his verified Twitter account, including the Atlantic reporter who published information that Stone gave to the House Intelligence Committee when he testified behind closed doors. Stone says that information was illegally leaked by Democrats working under Adam Schiff on the House Intelligence Committee.

As of press time, Strzok follows Natasha Bertrand, the Atlantic reporter who wrote the article “Roger Stone’s Secret Messages  with Wikileaks,” which detailed “Private Twitter messages obtained by The Atlantic…” How did Bertrand get that material?

“The benign DM between me and WikiLeaks were supplied to the House Intelligence Committee ONLY — how did they end up in the hands of Natasha Bertrand (who even edited them to try to make them meaningful,” Stone tells Big League Politics.

The list of the 38 people Strzok is following reads like a Who’s Who of the establishment Resistance to President Trump, including leftist-funded neocon Bill Kristol, anti-Trump washed-up Hollywood actor Jim Carrey, Rosie O’Donnell, Deep State tools Ben Rhodes and John Brennan, and journalists including David Frum, Ezra Klein, and Buzzfeed’s Zoe Tillman.

Bertrand is still targeting Stone with unfounded insinuations about Julian Assange’s publication of Democrat emails:

Here is my interview with Roger Stone in which he discussed the leak of part of his testimony to Bertrand:

Longtime President Trump political adviser Roger Stone is demanding that the full transcript of his interview with the House Intelligence Committee be released to the public to prove once and for all that Stone did not collude with the Russians during the 2016 presidential election.

The Intelligence Committee — chaired by Rep. Devin Nunes until the new Congress convenes Thursday — voted to release the transcript of Stone’s behind-closed-doors interview to Robert Mueller’s office, but the transcript has still not been provided to the public, and the clock is ticking for the outgoing Republican majority to publicize the document. (READ: How Deep State ‘Journalist’ Michael Isikoff Has Been Setting Up Mueller’s Enemies For Years).

“Nunes has not released the transcript. I am not allowed to inspect it. They are not allowed to take notes. It’s four and a half hours long and is maintained in a secure room in the US House of Representatives,” Stone told Big League Politics in an interview.

“Mueller’s request for a copy is the result of a one year campaign of distortion and disinformation by Adam Schiff and the Schiff-heads. Portions of my testimony have been linked to by Natasha Bertrand of the Atlantic which is a direct violation of law,” Stone said.

“My testimony is entirely accurate and truthful and to the extent that I made errors in memory they are all memories to my benefit — meaning, I failed to recall information that was entirely exculpatory,” Stone said. Stone asserts that Randy Credico was his source on the story that Julian Assange planned to leak Democrat emails, not Assange himself. Stone has released his text messages with Credico.

Stone actually turned down a set-up attempt in 2016 against him during the heat of Operation Crossfire Hurricane.

“By way of example, as you know, back in June I sent this Committee a letter regarding a longtime FBI informant named Gennadiy Vasilievich Vostretsov who, under the alias “Henry Greenberg”, was sent to approach my client in May 2016 with claims of having access to information that could impact the election,” writes Stone’s attorney Grant Smith in a letter to Nunes. “Mr. Stone not only immediately and forcefully declined to participate in anything this FBI informant was proposing, but never saw or spoke to the informant again. Mr. Stone believes it highly likely that Mr. Vostretsov/Greenberg’s status as an FBI informant was not “former”, and that Vostretsov/Greenberg was, in fact, actively working on behalf of the FBI at the time of their meeting, acting upon a calculated effort to entrap Mr. Stone and, further, to infiltrate and compromise the Trump effort. Notably, Vostretsov was admitted to the country nine separate times on an FBI Informant’s visa.”

Stone wanted to testify publicly, but the Intelligence Committee would not let him do so. It is highly unlikely that Mueller will publish any information that vindicates Stone, due to the special counsel’s determined crusade to keep the “Russia” collusion narrative going without any evidence that the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians.

Stone recently passed a lie-detector test regarding the Russia-themed allegations against him.

Here is Stone’s interview with Big League Politics in which he walks through the entire case and asserts that he never communicated with Julian Assange, who also has never been found to have colluded with the Russians when leaking Democrat emails during the 2016 campaign.

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