Store Looting is On the Rise During the Wuhan Virus

MCRTV reported that increasing numbers of private venues that have been shut down across the country are becoming victims of looting.

Local reports in San Francisco covered a frightening increase in burglaries and looting at stores  and restaurants in the area. A good portion of these businesses are humble business operations. Brittany Hughes reported that “Thieves smashed into Jack Holder’s Restaurant and Bar in San Jose, stealing several tablets including the one owner Dan Holder was using for his now vital to-go orders, while looters broke into West Coast Beef Company and made off with the cash register and the safe.”

In Fresno County, California, three individuals were arrested after looting a Walgreens and a Save Mart. Similarly, five men were arrested for committing burglary in local stores during the shutdown.

In downtown Seattle, burglaries increased by 87 percent. This came after local officials ordered police to stop jailing arrested for the majority of misdemeanors throughout the shutdown. NYPD reported a 75 percent increase in burglaries of businesses in New York City since March 12.

BLP has reported on previous episodes of anarcho-tyranny that have been growing across the country.

In a time when the nation should be pushing policies that uphold social stability, activist politicians and judges are engaging in dangerous social experiments that are encouraging societal dysfunction.

This could be a sneak preview of the Left’s radical vision for the rest of the 21st century.

Urban America may be on the verge of witnessing a radical social transformation because of these policies.

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