Stormy Daniels: “I Don’t Know” if Avenatti is Better than Trump

Michael Avenatti’s tragic fall from grace appeared to reach a new low on Tuesday, as the showboat attorney’s most prominent former client appeared to diss him at an event in New York.

Stormy Daniels, the porn star Avenatti had represented in a lawsuit against Donald Trump, implied that her lawyer- now under indictment for an alleged extortion scheme of Nike and laundering money that rightfully belonged to clients– was no better than the man he was hired to litigate himself. Avenatti and Daniels had claimed that Donald Trump had an affair with Daniels in the mid 2000’s, and hoped to expose a non-disclosure agreement they said had been made with the President.

Daniels was asked if she believed Avenatti was a better person than Trump, during a personal tour event at a comedy club. The porn performer responded curtly, stating that “I don’t know.

Daniels had fired Avenatti as her personal attorney a month before he was criminally charged for the extortion scheme. This isn’t the first time she’s slighted her former lawyer, and she’s claimed that she became aware of Avenatti’s penchant for dishonest and fraudulent behavior during her time as his client.

She’s claimed that Avenatti even arranged a defamation lawsuit against President Trump against her wishes, seeking to add even more fuel to the publicity rush he received from Daniels’ claims. The California lawyer had become a prolific cable news guest, and was even mentioned as a possible Democratic Party Presidential candidate.

Now, Avenatti is setting his sights on more humble goals, such as emerging unscathed from the serious federal charges he’s facing.

It appears he may be off to a rough start in changing his ways- the self-appointed progressive ‘pit bull’ couldn’t resist lashing out with a profane rant directed towards Big League Politics’ Tom Pappert in response to some well-intended life advice.

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