Stormy Daniel’s Lawyer Squatted In A $12M Home While Evading Taxes

As recently reported here at Big League Politics, the lawyer representing Stormy Daniels, Michael Avenatti owes $5 million in back-taxes, and has a track record of shady business dealings. Now high-profile lawyer Robert Barnes claims that Avenatti has an even shadier past, involving squatting in a $12 million home while evading taxes and stiffing employees.

According to Barnes, it all began when Avenatti took out a lease-to-purchase plan on a $12 million home in Newport Beach, CA. Avenatti allegedly paid the $100,000 monthly payments until close of escrow in August of 2016. Barnes claims that just as the escrow was due,  a mysterious Swiss company sued the owner of the home Avenatti was leasing, giving him an excuse to squat in the home without making any rent payments.

Here is the waterfront home that Avenatti was squatting in, located in Newport Beach on Lido Island. Five bedrooms, four bath.

The Swiss company was allegedly claiming to have lent a prior owner of the home $10 million. Barnes sources the case number for the Swiss company being: 30-2016-00872019-CU-BC-CJC.

Things began to get interesting after Avenatti began refusing to pay rent. According to Barnes, the owner of the home filed an eviction/unlawful detainer action against Avenatti, filed in Orange County Court, case number: 30-2017-008355880CU-UD-CJC. All of this was occurring as the owner of the home was still facing the lawsuit filed by the mysterious Swiss company.

According to Barnes, it took a full year for the Swiss company to withdraw the case after not even showing up in court. In the meantime, Avenatti allegedly paid no rent in the $12 million home he was staying in.

This is the man that many Democrats are hoping will take down President Donald Trump.


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