STRANGE: Joe Biden Wants to “See These Beautiful Young Ladies Dancing When They’re Four Years Older”

Joe Biden experienced another campaign gaffe during a socially-distanced event in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin on Monday, stating that he wants to see at least two teenage girls present during his speech “dancing” when they were “four years older.”

Biden had been speaking to a Haitian community event. As per the course for Biden campaign’s events, those present(a small crowd of less than fifty) were standing in social distancing circles.

Watch the bizarre campaign speech gaffe here.

The “beautiful young ladies” Biden was speaking of seemed to be in their teens, perhaps between 13 and 16 years old.

There are plenty of interpersonal interactions that might’ve seemed innocuous or just innocent decades ago before the advent of political correctness, but Biden’s remarks here seem strange, to say the least. One would think he’d be more mindful of his incidences of unwanted personal contact, a habit that got the former Vice President in trouble with Democrat activist types when he began his 2020 presidential campaign.

Biden’s ‘creepy uncle’ touching of teenage girls has been largely forgotten by progressives, who are willing to ignore red flags in their candidate’s personal record in the name of advanced extreme hyperliberal ideology.

Biden had earlier spoken of his desire to deliver a “coup de grâce” to President Trump, a French term for “finishing blow,” questionable language as the President left Walter Reed Military Hospital after receiving a coronavirus diagnosis.

Imagine the flow of regular embarrassments of Biden ends up as President. That is, if his handlers allow for him to appear in public.

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