STRANGE: Wisconsin Based Spice Company is Spending Big Money on Anti-Trump Ads

With impeachment talk in the spotlight, big money is being spent to either try to oust President Donald Trump or defend him from another witch hunt.

Indeed, Trump’s re-election campaign is outspending everyone else.

However, a report from The New York Times highlights an unusual spender of ads that came in second place for impeachment ad spending.

Penzeys Spices, a supplier of pepper, paprika, and poppy seeds based in Wisconsin, dropped $92,000 on impeachment advertisements on Facebook from September 29 to October 5, based on data from a communications agency that keeps track of political spending.

These numbers were completely overshadowed by Trump’s re-election campaign, which spent more than $700,000.

The founder of the company, Bill Penzey, learned about the second-place ranking on Wednesday after customers emailed him.

After sharing the news with his wife, Penzey claimed that his wife “burst out laughing” in “A sort of, ‘What have you done this time?’ kind of laugh.”

Axios originally reported on the Facebook impeachment ads data last Wednesday, which came from Bully Pulpit Interactive, a Washington-based communications agency whose 2020 Campaign Tracker publicizes information concerning political spending.

The agency used a program that tracked Facebook ad copy featuring words such as “impeach,” “impeachment” and “impeaching.”

According to the NYT report, this obscure spice company “topped Tom Steyer, the billionaire Democratic presidential candidate; Senator Mitch McConnell, the Republican majority leader; the Democratic Governors Association; and the National Republican Senatorial Committee.”

Facebook’s publicly available data demonstrated that from October 2 to October 8 Penzeys spent the seventh-highest amount of money on ads “social issues, elections or politics” and it was the only organization in the top 10 that was not a politician or a politically-affiliated organization.

Facebook data illustrated that Penzey spent nearly $120,000 on Facebook ads on political issues during those seven days.

Penzey is an outspoken Trump critic, who uses his company’s Facebook page to criticize Trump while also using his products.

“I like to say it’s not a line we crossed,” Penzey declared. “It’s a line that crossed us. We’ve alway been about kindness and compassion. And with the recent trends in the Republican Party and unlimited political spending, it’s created this message of anger toward marginalized people in order to create votes for tax cuts for the very wealthy.”

The NYT report highlights some of Penzey’s promotional activities:

In May, the company advertised a spice called “Justice” — the ingredients include shallots, garlic, onion and green peppercorns — while soliciting donations for the news organization Mother Jones. In July, it promoted a spice called Tsardust Memories — it has salt, garlic, cinnamon, pepper, nutmeg and marjoram — as a nod to Russian electoral interference, insisting in all caps that the issue was “NOT A NOTHING BURGER!!!!!

Penzey claims that the politics hasn’t hurt his business. He says that he has lost a few customers but has also gained some.

“If you are a company and you have values, now is the time to share them,” Mr. Penzey said. “Now is the time that it’s important to share them.”

In the Trump era, some companies find that political correctness pays.

The rise of “woke capital” has allowed companies in certain niches to exploit virtue signaling as a way of remaining in good standing with leftist activists.

This trend will likely not stop as the Left relentlessly makes everything political in America.

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