Stranger Carries a Woman with Cancer up the Stairs

And they say chivalry is dead.

Thomas and Shayla Harwell attended the Brad Paisley concert at NRG Stadium in Houston last week where they noticed one woman struggling to make her way down the stairs. Shayla Harwell saw the elderly woman with her daughter and two granddaughters making their way down to their seats. She realized the elderly woman was having a rough time, “I nudged my husband and told him that they may need help,” Shayla told CNN.

Not stopping there, Thomas who has been a firefighter for 15 years with the Hardin Volunteer Fire Department told her he would help her after the concert, too. Not only did he “help her”, he picked her up and carried her up the stairs at the completion of the Brad Paisley concert.

What makes the story even sweeter is that according to KTRK-TV, the woman had recently suffered a stroke and was battling cancer.

Thomas’ actions were second nature to him. “I’m a senior captain in the fire department. My job is to help people,” he said.

The elderly woman, whose name was not given, was grateful for Thomas’ act of kindness. “She was very appreciative. When he placed her down at the top of the stairs, she was grinning ear to ear. It really touched her to have him help her,” Shayla said.

“If you’re alive and breathing, you shouldn’t need an excuse to help someone else. If they need help, help them,” Thomas Harwell said.

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