Stranger Pays Restaurant Bill for 20+ Mothers with Down Syndrome Daughters

The pay-it-forward campaign has always been popular, but a woman in Missouri took the idea of paying for others a step further.

A large group of about 20 moms and daughters, many of which have Down syndrome, went out for lunch together and were pleasantly surprised when the entire table had their bill paid by a stranger.

In an interview with WBIR-TV, mom Mary Susanne Crockett explained finding out about the act of kindness from the waiter, “He said somebody has paid for your bill and I’m like ‘Which one of our bills?’ He was like ‘The whole bill of like 20 people.'”

The mother-daughter lunch date at Creve Coeur Pasta House equated to no cheap tab.

Crockett jokingly said, “I mean we’re not petite people, so it wasn’t just a little birthday luncheon.”

After locating the anonymous donor Crockett explained, “One of our moms went over and talked to her and she said she saw our daughters and it really just tugged on her heartstrings and she knew she had to do something.”

Crockett deeply thanked the unknown donator on Facebook saying,

“Thank you is so inadequate an expression of gratitude for the beautiful woman who paid for all of our lunches today at Pasta House.

We are a group of friends who have daughters with Down syndrome.

Before she dashed out the door she said, “Your daughters are such a blessing!” From the bottom of our overwhelmed hearts, we want you to know, SO ARE YOU.

Thank you again for your generosity and kindness. It will stay with us for a lifetime.”

This extreme act of kindness has mothers like Crockett thinking about how they can continue the trend to bless others.

“How can we pay this forward? So our friend Ann Hammond was talking about opportunities so we could bless someone the way we were blessed,” Crockett stated.

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