STRIKE TWO: Trump Gets The Neocons Off His Back For Another Year

President Donald J. Trump (Screenshot)

President Donald Trump’s limited strike on Syrian government targets — in coordination with the British and French — managed to get the foreign policy establishment off his back for a while. It was Trump’s second limited air raid on Assad.

Otherwise, Trump has been quietly battling ISIS in the region, wiping out the terrorist group that fights against Assad. Trump was about to leave Syria, but got drawn back in by an alleged chemical attack in Ghouta.

“Strike Two” was a One Night-Only affair.

Trump signed off the night of bombing on Twitter: “Mission Accomplished.” Ari Fleischer advised him not to say that.

Any “Strike Three” might end up being just that — in baseball terms — for Trump’s base.

The Pentagon says strikes hit every target they were aiming for.


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