Students For Trump — NKY Endorses Pro-Liberty Champion TJ Roberts for Kentucky State House District 66

On March 14, 2024, Students for Trump — NKY issued the following statement where it announced its endorsements of TJ Roberts’ campaign for Kentucky’s 66th State House District:

We are proud to announce our official endorsement of T.J. Roberts for State Representative of House District 66. T.J. Roberts is a proven America First Christian, Constitutional Conservative who will stand with President Trump’s America First movement in the Kentucky House of Representatives.

T.J. Roberts has demonstrated his commitment to protecting the fundamental principles upon which our nation was founded: protecting life, liberty, and property. He has also shown his dedication to addressing the pressing issues facing our nation, such as an open southern border, skyrocketing inflation, and the billions of dollars we are sending overseas.

We believe that T.J. Roberts is the right candidate to represent the people of House District 66 and to fight for the future of our country. We are proud to endorse T.J. Roberts for State Representative of House District 66, and we urge the voters of House District 66 to support him in the upcoming election.

Roberts issued a response to Students for Trump’s emphatic endorsement of his campaign:

I am honored to announce that Students for Trump – NKY has endorsed our campaign to represent House District 66. Their dedication to President Donald J. Trump’s vision for America and their commitment to electing America First Christian, constitutional conservatives aligns perfectly with my vision for a more prosperous and free Kentucky.

As your representative, I pledge to stand with President Trump’s America First movement and work tirelessly to advance our conservative values. President Trump is not only the best president of my lifetime, but also a transformative leader who has inspired millions across the nation. This endorsement gives us the momentum we need to win this primary and take back control from the Frankfort Swamp.

Roberts also highlighted that he is not alone in the fight to take back the country from the administrative state in Washington, DC. He highlighted the following: 

Additionally, I want to acknowledge the incredible future that Vivek has in the GOP. His dedication to conservative principles and his commitment to our party’s success are commendable. Furthermore, Governor DeSantis has proven himself to be one of the best governors in the country. His leadership during challenging times has set a standard for others to follow.

Brandon Herrera is running for Congress in TX-23 against one of Washington’s biggest establishment hacks, and he has my full support. He’s an excellent freedom fighter, and will be a terrific ally to those fighting the Administrative State!

These forces, along with your support, are coming together to defeat Joe Biden and the Uniparty. With your help, we will restore America’s greatness and protect the fundamental principles upon which our nation was founded.

Roberts is one of the most effective pro-liberty candidates running for office in the 2024 election cycle. His campaign is centered on economic freedom, expanding gun rights, and downsizing the government at all levels. 

If liberty conservatives in Kentucky HD 66 are serious about electing principled leaders, they should pull the lever for TJ Roberts on May 21, 2024. 

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