Study: 10,000 Babies Were Saved In The First Two Months Post-Roe

According to a new study from The New York Times, abortion dropped a whopping 6% in the first two months after the strikedown of Roe V. Wade. 

Ultimately amounting to 10,000 babies being saved. 

From the outlet:

In the first two months after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade on June 24, legal abortions nationwide declined by more than 10,000, a drop of about 6 percent, according to the first attempt at a nationwide count of abortions since the decision.

Per the study, conservative states prevented 22,000 abortions within their borders. But 12,000 women crossed state lines to carry out their abortions. Making the grand total of saved lives 10,000.

“Thirteen states banned or severely restricted abortion during those months, mostly in the South, and legal abortions in those states fell to close to zero, according to detailed estimates made by a consortium of academics and abortion providers,” The New York Times outlined.

“Nine more states added major abortion restrictions, and legal abortions in those states fell by a third. In states with bans and restrictions, there were about 22,000 fewer abortions in July and August, compared with the baseline of April, before the decision,” it added.

“In states where abortion remained legal, the number of abortions increased by roughly 12,000, or 11 percent,” the outlet would continue. “That suggests that, roughly, just over half of women who were unable to get abortions in states with bans traveled to another state to get one.”

“But even with those increases, thousands of abortions appear to have been prevented by the new state laws,” The New York Times admitted.

Though there are still workarounds for women to get abortions even if their home states are not supporting the practice, this study shows that lives are being saved.

Democrats and leftist outlets like The New York Times will argue that women who have less money do not have the same accessibility for abortion. 

Which is why many talking heads are advocating that taxpayer dollar’s ought to be given to help women cross state lines and fund their abortions.

Regardless, 10,00 babies were saved in two months alone according to this study. Which is news worth celebrating amongst the pro-life community.

It is clear that states remain divided on the issue of abortion, with blue ones leaning more on the side of increasing accessibility for everyone. 

This is the stance Democrats are running on in an attempt to combat conservative states who are outright banning abortion.

No matter the outcome after this election cycle, it is apparent that the SCOTUS ruling is making a difference towards abortion rates in America.

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