Study: 39 Percent of Adults Aged 18-24 Years Old Identify as LGBT in America

A recent study conducted by Arizona Christian University has yielded some startling results showing a complete moral collapse within the youth.

The comprehensive study conducted by researcher George Barna shows that a shocking 39 percent of adults aged 18-24 now identify as LGBT, with the agenda’s aggressive targeting of the youth paying off in spades.

Additionally, the polling results show that 30 percent of millennials also identify as LGBT. They are also far less likely to care about the sanctity of life than previous generations.

“The proportion of young adults who identify as LGBTQ is roughly three times the proportion identified among the combined older adults of the nation,” the survey states.

Young people, who have been robbed of their dignity and virtue, are also drastically more likely to report mental illness. 29.4 percent of individuals aged 18-25 have some sort of mental disorder, with 8.6 percent of them reporting a severe mental illness. Horrifyingly, 49.5 percent of Americans aged 13-18 report having one or multiple mental illnesses as our societal fabric completely disintegrates.

The study also referenced the ill-effects of the “Disney influence” for setting up unrealistic expectations for millennials and Generation Z. They noted that this phenomenon “has distorted their sense of genuine relationship, caused an excessive emphasis on self, and increased the felt need to prove self-worth,” adding that Disney “had lots of help in conveying these concepts to a culture eager to embrace such fantasies and deceptions.”

The full results of the study can be seen here.

Big League Politics has reported on the amount of sexual propaganda that is aimed at children as a result of the LGBT agenda:

The children’s network Nickelodeon is promoting LGBT propaganda during the Transgender Day of Visibility, which is a made-up annual event of sorts in which the delusions of mentally-ill individuals are encouraged internationally.

The Humans Rights Council describes the Transgender Day of Visibility as follows:

Transgender people come from all walks of life. We are your coworkers, family and neighbors. We are 7-year-old children and we are 70-year-old grandparents. We are a diverse community representing all racial and ethnic backgrounds, as well as faith backgrounds.

International Transgender Day of Visibility is honored every year on March 31 and is a time to celebrate transgender people around the globe and the courage it takes to live openly and authentically, while also raising awareness around the discrimination trans people still face.

Nickelodeon made the following post on various social media accounts encouraging transgenderism for kids during this yearly celebration of gender-bending insanity:

Nickelodeon is promoting a lifestyle to children that has been shown to lead to increased rates of suicidedrug usesexual degeneracy and severe mental disorders. However, the corporation has a long history of putting the safety and purity of children in severe jeopardy.”

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