SUCKERS: Unions That Endorsed Biden for President are Already Having Serious Buyer’s Remorse


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Certain unions that endorsed President-imposed Joe Biden prior to his military installation in the White House on Jan. 20 are already having major buyer’s remorse over the Democrat figurehead’s job killing policies.

One of Biden’s policies that has killed jobs is ending the Keystone XL pipeline. This is expected to kill at least 10,000 union jobs, as President Trump’s “America First” agenda is abruptly reversed.

It is estimated that 42,000 union jobs may be eliminated because of Biden’s order.

The unions are not happy with this immediate betrayal from a Biden administration that had claimed on the campaign trail they were going to build the nation back better.

In revoking this permit, the Biden Administration has chosen to listen to the voices of fringe activists instead of union members and the American consumer on Day 1,” Mark McManus, the president of the United Association of Union Plumbers and Pipefitters, said in a statement Thursday.

Sadly, the Biden Administration has now put thousands of union workers out of work. For the average American family, it means energy costs will go up and communities will no longer see the local investments that come with pipeline construction,” he added.

However, McManus only has himself to blame for these policies with his union backing Biden last year. They sold their country out and now they’re paying the price for their own lack of foresight and patriotism.

Big League Politics reported on Biden’s hostility to the working man on the campaign trail, as he represented foreign interests and the corporate elite with his candidacy:

Today while campaign in a new auto plant in Michigan Joe Biden was met with some criticism concerning his stance on the Second Amendment from one of the local auto union worker.

The unnamed auto worker told the former Vice President and current delegate leader to be the Democrat nominee, “you are actively trying to end our Second Amendment right”, to which Biden responded “You’re full of sh*t”.

After Biden told the union worker that he was “full of sh*t” a female campaign staff member tried to move the former Vice President along, but was met with “no, shhhh, shhh”.

Biden then went on to point his finger in the face of the auto worker telling him that he doesn’t need to own a “AR-14” and that he will slap the auto worker.

The auto worker’s concern over Biden’s Second Amendment policy may be based on Biden’s announcement on March 4th where he said that anti-gun and failed presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke “will be the one who leads” his gun-control effort.

The union bosses took the Democrat blood money and sold their workers out. Union corruption is a big reason why so many American jobs have been sent off shore over the past several decades.


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