‘Sugar Daddy’ Website Founder Will Pay Out-of-State Abortion Costs


With recent stringent abortion restrictions becoming law in states like Missouri, Alabama, Louisiana and Georgia, many promiscuous women are worried about losing the ability to kill their babies in the womb. But never fear, Brandon Wade is here!

Wade is the founder of SeekingArrangement, a sleazy website that allows young women to meet older, wealthy men. While technically not a prostitution service, it gives young girls a platform to essentially sell their bodies for cash.

Wade wants to protect the women that fuel his depraved empire so he is offering to pay for out-of-state abortions as well as travel fees for his ladies, so they can stay on his site and keep earning.

“We will provide women and families who cannot afford to provide for themselves, travel out of their home state to access proper health care and to exercise their right to a choice,” he said in a video.

The sanctity of human life won’t stand in the way of older men exploiting these young women for cash if Wade has anything to say about it.

“If lawmakers will not step in and help these desperate women, then I will,” he added.

Wade paints himself as a humanitarian for subsidizing abortions. He believes he is standing up for the right for women to slaughter the unborn.

“My girlfriend, Zoe, and her sister Camille, both from Gadsden, Alabama, wept that day. As did millions of other women worldwide,” he said.

Wade’s webpage currently has 10 million members, as the market for exploiting young women’s bodies has never been more lucrative. With his abortion-funding scheme, Wade will ensure that the market that has made him into a millionaire will not be drying up any time soon.

Wade and his girlfriend are starting a charity called “Fight Against Poverty” to raise funds to facilitate more abortions.

“When any state makes the decision to deny women the right to make choices about her body, we can help,” Wade said of his quest to subvert federalism and human decency.

His entire video address can be seen here:


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