Superman Comic Book Sales Tank After Embracing ‘Woke’ LGBT Ideology

After embracing pro-LGBT “woke” ideology, fewer people are buying Superman comic books and the sales are tanking.

John F. Trent reported at Bounding into Comics that “Superman: Son of Kal-El” is not in the top 50 of comics sold five issues into its run. 

“That’s right, the flagship Superman book at DC Comics is not on a Top 50 Comic Books by Units chart only 5 issues in,” Trent stated.

In “Superman: Son of Kal-El,” the new iteration of Superman becomes a climate change activist, pushes for illegal immigration, and starts making out with dudes. 

“Just like his father before him, Jon Kent has fallen for a reporter,” DC Comics said in a statement regarding the new Superman’s bicurious streak. “After initially striking up a friendship with reporter Jay Nakamura, he and Jon become romantically involved in the pages of Superman: Son of Kal-El #5 from writer Tom Taylor (Dark Knights of Steel) and artist John Timms (Harley Quinn).”

“The question for Jon (and for our creative team) is, what should a new Superman fight for today? Can a seventeen-year-old Superman battle giant robots while ignoring the climate crisis? Of course not,” writer Tom Taylor stated to justify shoehorning a heavy-handed political agenda into comments, adding, “Can someone with super sight and super hearing ignore injustices beyond his borders? Can he ignore the plight of asylum seekers?”

Big League Politics has reported on how comic books are being warped by the LGBT agenda to sexualize and groom children:

Marvel comics has introduced a 12-year-old transgender superhero named the mighty ‘Rebekah,’ modeled after a real-life transgender child taking on the Trump administration.

Rebekah is being profiled as apart of Marvel’s Hero Project, which honors child activists who are being propped up by their parents to support a leftist agenda.

“I can change the world,” Rebekah said in an episode of the program hosted by the new Disney+ streaming service.

Rebekah has been used by the LGBT community to promote transgender propaganda in schools. A native of New Jersey, she appeared before the state assembly to demand that LGBT history be mandated in public schools so children learn to worship sodomites.

Her lobbying efforts were successful, as N.J. Gov. Phil Murphy signed Assembly Bill 1335 into law in February. Children will now be forcefed LGBT history, and coerced into adopting that unnatural and dangerous lifestyle.

The Evangelical Lutheran Church invited her to speak before a youth conference in 2018. She spoke before 31,000 people during their annual gathering in Houston, TX last year. Her father is a pastor with the church, which openly celebrates unrepentant sin.

She has been coerced into adopting this lifestyle by her “openly queer” mother Jamie Bruesehoff, who describes herself as an “award-winning writer, speaker, and advocate” that “writes and speaks about LGBTQ identities, policies and practices, advocacy, anti-bullying, parenting and faith.”

Bruesehoff wrote about how her child was mentally ill and suicidal before “excellent professionals” determined that Rebekah was transgender and her transition began.

This is the latest example of the “get woke, go broke” phenomenon as the people gets tired of this perverted agenda being shoved down their throats.

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