Supporters of Ottawa Freedom Convoy Sing “We Are The World” Outside Parliament Hill

Supporters of the Freedom Convoy held hands and sang “We Are the World” outside Parliament Hill in Ottawa.

Supporters of the now-famous Canadian Freedom Convoy consisting of truckers and other Canadians occupying the capital of Ottawa and other cities throughout the nation were seen holding hands and singing “We Are The World” outside Parliament Hill Wednesday.

The effort by Canadian truckers against Covid-19 inoculation mandates and other draconian policies has vastly grown in popularity since its recent beginning, with rumors on social media suggesting that the protestors have enough food to keep the effort going for as long as the next 2-to 4 years.

The fight for freedom by Canadians has been met with quite a bit of opposition. Following the fleeing of the city by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, various members of the fake news media have penned stories that attempt to discredit the freedom convoy’s cause.

Take for instance the biased reporting of The Washington Post, fixating on the highly limited presence of swastikas and Confederate flags at a protest in a country that is quite clearly not Germany or the United States.

Some protesters carried Confederate flags, and at least one flag with a swastika drawn on it could be seen. Three people have been charged with offenses related to their actions during the protest, according to Ottawa police, and more than a dozen other investigations are underway.

The Washington Post

It also bears worth mentioning that there remains no evidence that those donning such symbols were established members of the Canadian freedom convoy or protests. Given the prolific instances of hate hoaxes often covered by our country’s media, one cannot help but be skeptical of such implications linking those carrying so-called ‘hateful symbols’ to citizens in the fight for bodily autonomy.

Other reports in the piece indicated that the Ottawa chief of police was very unhappy that Canadians have decided to take a stand.

“They have converged in our city, and there are plans for more to come,” said Ottawa Police Chief Peter Sloly. He said that the participants, who also include locals and other Canadians, are “putting our city and our residents, our partners and our officers at great risk….”

“What may have begun as a peaceful assembly quickly turned into an unlawful blockade,” the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Alberta said in a statement Tuesday, pledging to take action to clear the blockade under local laws that prevent interference with critical infrastructure, after attempts to negotiate with the protesters broke down.

The Washington Post

Protests by the Candian freedom convoys have been inspiring to many amid the unprecedented levels of power grabs by nations around the world. Some have recently begun to speculate if Canada’s inspiration will lead to the beginning of an American truck convoy set to soon occupy Washington, DC.

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