Supposed Stop the Steal Organizer Ali Akbar Is A Convicted Fraudster, Accused of Plotting Voter Fraud as McCain Operative in 2008

Ali Abdul Razaq Akbar, a man who has gained a following as an organizer of the so-called #StopTheSteal movement, has a checkered personal history that includes arrests for burglary, theft and credit card fraud.

Akbar, who now goes by the name Ali Alexander, was also remarkably accused of plotting a voter fraud operation as a campaign employee of John McCain in 2008. Chuck Gelshider, a 2008 Ron Paul organizer, accused Akbar of discussing potential voter fraud methods in the context of rigging or manipulating an election.

Alexander has recently taken to organizing seemingly innocuous #StopTheSteal rallies, rallying Trump supporters who stand against media attempts to announce Joe Biden as the President of the United States before outstanding litigation is adjudicated and the electoral college votes.

(Above: Alexander pictured with Twitter oligarch Jack Dorsey.)

Akbar has claimed that he isn’t being paid in any capacity for his organization of national #StopTheSteal movements, but he’s received more than $2000 in Bitcoin in recent weeks. The domain aggregates demonstrations planned by conservatives across the country, but Akbar seems to be using the domain to personally fundraise.

A link on the #StopTheSteal website leads directly to the donation page on Akbar’s personal website. It’s unclear if Alexander is legally eligible to solicit donations for StopTheSteal.

A progressive website previously reported that Akbar/Alexander was convicted on two respective counts of credit card fraud and theft. Breitbart Unmasked cites arrest records which allege Akbar stole “Five MP3 Players, Twenty CD’s, Three Camcorders, Two DVD Players, One Back Massager One Clock, Four Shirts, Two Belts and a Piece of Luggage, which had the value of over 1500.00 USD but less than 20,000.00 USD.”

Conservatives and Trump supporters who intend for demonstrate for electoral integrity should be very careful about transferring any funds to Akbar.

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