Supreme Court Ruling Forces Biden Regime to Keep Trump-Era Border Policy

On December 27, 2022, the Supreme Court issued a ruling that kept Title 42 — a Trump-era policy implemented during the Wuhan virus pandemic to expel illegal aliens who posed a threat to public health — in place.  

The highest court of the land ruled 5-4 to keep the measure in place at a time when illegal alien invaders are swarming the southern border in record numbers. In fiscal year 2022, federal authorities encountered over 2.3 million migrants. 

The Biden regime originally believed that getting rid of Title 42 would have 14,000 illegal alien invaders penetrate the southern border, per a report by Axios

Jennie Taer of Daily Caller reported that a federal judge recently ruled that Title 42 must be terminated on December 21. Republican states responded by calling on the Supreme Court to intervene a day before the policy was set to expire. The states argued that the Biden regime’s decision to undermine Title 42 would spark a massive surge in illegal immigration. 

In February, Supreme Court justices are expected to hear arguments to determine if they will completely get rid of the policy. Until that decision is made, the Biden regime must continue kicking out illegal aliens based on their nationality.  

Taer noted that Venezuelans arriving to the US illegally were the most recent group of migrants to be expelled under Title 42. Per figures from US Customs and Border Protection (CBP), Title 42 has been used to expel north of 2 million illegal aliens. 

Keeping Title 42 in place is a good first step, but DC policymakers must implement stronger measures to keep immigration in check. Namely, an immigration moratorium, abolishing birthright citizenship, and ending chain migration among other measures to stem the constant deluge of illegal aliens. 

Make no mistake about it, setting immigration policy wrong will result in the death of the Historic American Nation.

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