SURREAL: Mainstream Media Promotes Gun Control with Survivor of Las Vegas Music Festival Attack and Recent Mass Shooting

The fake news media is promoting the curious story of Alicia Olive, a woman who claims she survived the mass shooting at the Route 91 Music Festival in Las Vegas in 2017 only to find herself under fire once again at the Gilroy Garlic Festival tragedy last weekend.

The Tribune Media Wire is telling Olive’s story, as she claims to have recorded herself on her cell phone as she left the garlic festival amidst gunfire. She commented, “Oh man, this isn’t happening again,” in a rather cavalier manner in her video.

“I went into a really deep depression. I would go into either, it’s a bar, or just a crowded area, and something about it, I just start to panic,” she said about the trauma she experienced in Las Vegas.

Olive says attended the garlic festival with a support group of victims from the Las Vegas shooting. No details have been released to the public regarding that attack, including extensive video from inside the hotel where shooter Stephen Paddock sprayed the country music festival, in the years following the massacre.

“After the Vegas shooting, I felt like I would be there again, and it happened,” Olive said while smiling for the cameras.

“I’m angry. It makes you angry,” she added. She claims she and her friends were right near the exit of the garlic festival when they heard the gun shots.

Olive is being used by the mainstream media to promote a message of gun control, as she hopes that the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution is infringed upon to supposedly prevent more tragedies.

“We can’t tell that to the families that have lost someone to say, ‘oh well, that’s life, that’s America,’ because it’s not enough. I think it’s time to say enough is enough,” Olive said.

While it is certainly possible that Olive and her friends were incredibly unfortunate enough to be at two different mass shootings, the unlikely circumstance is fueling theories about the use of crisis actors.

While this speculation may seem far-fetched, gun control advocate David Hogg – an alleged victim of a school shooting in Parkland, FL – was seen in a video rehearsing lines for the CNN cameras. He also admitted that he biked to Parkland high school following the mass shooting in 2018. Hogg was also profiled by the mainstream media for a beach dispute he reportedly filmed in California in 2017.

Muslim extremists were also found training children to commit school shootings in two different compounds in New Mexico and Alabama. The New Mexico compound was mysteriously destroyed by authorities and four extremists were allowed to walk without paying bond by a district court judge.

“The defendants in this case allegedly were preparing for deadly attacks and their targets included law enforcement and military personnel, the very people who are committed to protecting all of us,” said Assistant Director McGarrity in an FBI statement. “We will continue to work with our law enforcement partners to uncover and put a stop to acts of terrorism.”

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