Survey Reveals that 22% of Gun Owning Households Have Obtained a New Gun Since Riots Began

Almost a quarter of Americans who already own at least one gun have bought yet another one since the national Black Lives Matter riots and accompanying 2020 crime wave began, according to a new poll from Rasmussen released Wednesday.

43% of Americans identify themselves as members of a household in which someone owns a gun. The true percentage of Americans who live in ‘Second Amendment’ households is likely much higher, as many people aren’t inclined to reveal that they have guns at home to a telephone poll operator they don’t personally know.

54% of these Americans describe themselves as feeling more safe because someone has a gun in the house.

The ‘panic buy’ is the most prolific to occur in United States history, with more Americans seeking to acquire guns and ammunition in a concentrated time period than ever before.

Major firearms manufacturers have been forced to step up in production to meet astronomical demand for new guns in 2020, in a rush that began with the global coronavirus pandemic and was accelerated through a national wave of Black Lives Matter-linked riots and crime.

The increase in gun sales isn’t exclusively occurring among Americans who already own guns, either- survey data indicates that more than 5 million Americans have become entirely new gun owners in 2020, many of them located in traditionally blue states with state governments largely hostile to gun rights.

2020 has been a year of many things, but it’s been a boon for the American firearms industry and the Second Amendment. It’s not entirely outside the realm of possibility that the new influx of Americans passionate about firearms and gun rights will deter Democrats from pushing assault weapons bans and other gun control policies in the years to come.


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