Suspect in California Shooting Rampage Shouted ‘Allahu Akbar,’ Hated White People

Fresno police, Facebook

A gunman shouted “Allahu Akbar” as he was taken into custody after fatally shooting three people in downtown Fresno, California, near a Catholic Charities building on Tuesday morning.

Naturally, much of the mainstream media reported the translation of “God is great,” instead of what he had actually said.


The social media of suspect Kori Ali Muhammad, 39, reveals an extreme hatred for white people — frequently referencing “white devils” and advocating for black separatism and militant action — as well as distrust of the government and fondness for liberal media outlets such as The Young Turks.



At least two of the victims were white.

Muhammad’s YouTube page also features extremely bizarre videos of him in strange costumes, singing about murder and mayhem — and declaring “black power.”


Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer stated at a press conference that Muhammad was already wanted in connection to another deadly shooting last week, of a security guard at a Motel 6 in the city.

During Tuesday morning’s rampage, Muhammad reportedly fired at least 16 rounds in less than a minute, at four locations on one block. As he was running through the streets, he spotted a police officer and dove onto the ground.

“Immediately upon the individual seeing the officer he literally dove onto the ground and was taken into custody and as he was taken into custody he yelled out ‘Allahu Akhbar,'” Dyer said.

The police chief added that Muhammad “does not like white people,” citing both his social media postings and statements to police following his arrest. 

Dyer has not yet labeled the rampage as an act of terrorism, saying that it is still too early to tell.

“Too early to say whether or not this involves terrorism,” Dyer said. “Certainly by the statement that was made, it could give that indication, however, there was no statement made on Thursday night when he shot the security guard and killed him. There was no comments or no statements made at that time, so I am not certain why he said what he said today.”

The victims have not yet been publicly identified.

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