Suspected Burglar with Ahmaud Arbery’s Profile was Reported to Cops Just Days Before His Fatal Shooting

In the days before “jogger” Ahmaud Arbery was fatally shot three times in a Georgia street, a suspected burglar was spotted in the area reportedly committing crimes.

34-year-old Travis McMichael, who is being charged with murder and aggravated assault along with his 64-year-old father Gregory McMichael, called in a report of a man fitting Arbery’s profile committing burglaries in the Satilla Shores neighborhood near Brunswick in Georgia.

“I was leaving the neighborhood and I just caught a guy running into a house being built,” McMichael told the dispatcher when he called 911. “When I turned around, he took off running into the house.”

The confrontation happened 12 days later when Arbery lunged at McMichael and attempted to grab his shotgun, which eventually resulted in Arbery being shot to death. The incident has since become a polarizing issue with many social justice activists alleging racism as the motive behind the incident.

However, there were reports throughout the months prior to Arbery’s death indicating that a rash of thefts, trespassing incidents, and other suspicious behavior were occurring.

An infamous video of a man entering a construction site at the dead of night near the area Arbery was shot has harmed the fake news media’s “just a jogger” narrative that has been used to tear Americans apart:

Arbery’s family is dedicated to the story that he was just an innocent jogger and did nothing wrong, despite the footage that was captured on various construction sites.

“Our office has reviewed the surveillance video which appears to show a person, believed to be Ahmaud Arbery, entering a property under construction,” a statement from the legal team of the legal team of Arbery’s family said.

“This video is consistent with the evidence already known to us. Ahmaud Arbery was out for a jog. He stopped by a property under construction where he engaged in no illegal activity and remained for only a brief period,” they added.

As iconic right-wing author Michelle Malkin has noted, Arbery’s family is represented legally by notorious race hucksters who have been caught staging hoaxes for their anti-white agenda in the past:

The Arbery family is being represented by S. Lee Merritt, an attorney with deep ties to King. King and Merritt are old college friends who have become racial victim scammers together in recent years. It is entirely plausible that a deceptively edited video could have been released to King to influence the court of public opinion in favor of his client.

Malkin noted that King and Merritt pushed a hate crime hoax in 2018 about Sherita Dixon-Cole, a black lady who accused a white law enforcement officer of raping her in Texas. King and Merritt crucified the policeman on social media before hours of body camera footage emerged showing that no sexual assault ever occurred. Dixon-Cole was never prosecuted despite her lies, showing how there is no punishment for perpetrating these cruel exploitative hoaxes.

King has seen no personal or professional consequences within the liberal bubble despite his long history of being a charlatan. He headlined the Innocence Project’s annual gathering in 2019 and gained employment with the Harvard-affiliated Fair Punishment Project. Merritt was never sanctioned for pushing the hoax and continues to widen racial divides with his lawfare work.

Merritt and King also pushed anti-white hatred while demagoguing the case of Jazmine Barnes, a seven-year-old girl who was gunned down in 2019. Merritt became employed as a legal advisor to the Barnes family, and the familiar hoax pattern emerged. King used social media to put out conspiracy theories that she was murdered in cold blood by a white truck driver and fingered a random man as the perpetrator. The individuals responsible for the murder ultimately turned out to be black, and the falsely-accused individual received death threats from hate-filled leftists.

Malkin also drew attention to Benjamin Crump’s involvement in this case. Crump is an infamous race huckster who is currently getting sued regarding how he handled the case against George Zimmerman, who was exonerated in the court of law for the self-defense killing of Trayvon Martin. Crump published an anti-white book to capitalize on the hysteria of Zimmerman’s trial, “Open Season: Legalized Genocide of Colored People,” which is alleged to have been written “with actual malice knowing the untruth or at a minimum a reckless disregard for the truth.”

Right now, Crump is attempting to cash in on a civil suit against Daniel Holtzclaw, a law enforcement officer who was convicted of sexual assault based on evidence that Malkin considers to be highly dubious. Malkin noted that Holtzclaw’s alleged victims include a convicted felon who described Holtzclaw as a “short, black man” when he is in fact 6’1, half Japanese, and light-skinned; and a drug-addicted prostitute who referred to Holtzclaw as a “hot cop” before claiming he raped her. Crump is hoping to secure payouts for these individuals, in an example of the racial justice that Black Lives Matter activists are demanding.

Similar to the cases of thugs Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown, it seems the case of Ahmaud Arbery is the new hoax that will be used to divide Americans and inflame certain at-risk groups into violence.

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