‘Sustained DDoS Attack’ Tried To Disrupt Premiere Of The Daily Wire’s ‘What Is A Women,’ Backfires Immediately

The highly anticipated documentary “What Is A Woman?” from Daily Wire host Matt Walsh is finally here – just in time for Pride Month.

According to the media outlet, the world premiere was met with a sustained DDoS attack that was “intended to disrupt people being able to access” the widely popular film.

Co-CEO of The Daily Wire had this to say in a Twitter statement on Monday:

“We have confirmed that @realDailyWire experienced a significant and sustained DDoS attack tonight meant to disrupt the World Premiere of #WhatIsAWoman.

“A million requests per minute at the peak flooded our system and created challenges for many viewers,” he added.

“We are working to address these challenges in real time,” Boreing continued. “Even so, the premiere had more viewers than any stream in the history of the site. A huge success for an amazing film. Someone doesn’t want you to see this movie. See it anyway. VOD up now.”

As The Daily Wire shared, a large majority of users encountered difficulty accessing the live-stream due to the DDoS attack. Which began shortly after the start of the live-stream of Daily Wire’s Backstage program.

Regardless, the outlet managed to pull through in the end, highlighting that the event was “the most trafficked live-stream in Daily Wire history.”

On top of that, the company “added more paid subscribers than on any previous day since its founding.”

So what is in this documentary that would warrant such an attack?

In the film, Walsh sits down with the nation’s foremost advocates of radical gender theory. He then asks them to defend their claims that natural sex has nothing to do with biology, but instead with a person’s identity. As you can expect, radicals on the left have deemed these conversations “hateful” and “offensive.”

From the trailer, it’s apparent that many of the so-called left-wing gender experts featured in the film have no basis for their arguments. Some of the experts include a “gender affirmation therapist” and a pediatrician and professor who specializes in gender transition – WATCH:

As Walsh confirmed during a recent interview with Tucker Carlson, those conversations were very real.

“I wish we could say we invented that,” Walsh said. “The thing is, if I was going to invent, like, a parody of left-wing gender theory, I would never think to create, you know, a therapist who tells me I am actually a woman because I like scented candles. I would have thought that’s too far.”

“But no,” the Daily Wire host added. “This is very real, and one thing that comes out in the film is a lot of this stuff, on the surface, it’s hilarious because it’s so absurd, but then you realize … gender ideology is utterly pervasive and it’s all over the country, and what you just heard there.”

In response to the film’s release and the malicious DDoS attack that is expected to ultimately boost traffic to the documentary, Walsh said “The left will do whatever they can to make sure no one sees this movie.”

“They know their ideology is based on lies and their logic is hollow and premiering the movie to a massive online audience will not only be an utter embarrassment to them but will send a message that they will not win this battle,” he added.

The documentary is now streaming for Daily Wire members exclusively here.

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