Swalwell Plays to a Crowd of 20 Outside NRA Headquarters, Gets Dunked On

Monday, a 2020 presidential candidate who is polling at zero percent, held a tiny  “rally” outside of the National Rifle Association (NRA) headquarters, where only about 20 people showed up to hear him speak.

“Keep your pistols, keep your rifles, keep your shotguns, but we happen to believe we can do more to take the most dangerous weapons out of the hands of the most dangerous people,” Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) said.

Almost immediately after telling the small crowd that they could could their rifles, Swalwell called to “ban and buy back” what he described as “assault weapons,” meaning the AR-15, which is the most popular hunting rifle in America, and other such weapons.

“It’s nothing that has not been done before, Swalwell said. “Australia, after its own mass shooting, banned and bought back assault weapons. New Zealand is moving to do that now.”

Swalwell did not mention that despite Australia’s buyback, the country suffered a mass shooting at the hands of a deranged criminal (who unsurprisingly did not care about breaking gun laws) just two weeks ago.

The NRA trolled Swalwell, making fun of his crowd size on its official Twitter page.

“Look! All of presidential candidate Swalwell’s supporters came out to our headquarters today. No wonder he is polling at 0%,” the group said.

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