Swalwell: Tucker Carlson ‘Derives Pleasure’ From Viewers Threatening Lawmakers

Swalwell on MSNBC discussing threats he alleges his family received as a result of Tucker Carlson’s Fox news show.

Representative Eric Swalwell (D-CA) joined MSNBC’s “Deadline” on Friday to accuse Fox News host Tucker Carlson of deriving “pleasure” from viewers threatening lawmakers.

Swalwell said, “We receive hundreds of threats. What was specific about this was the caller identified he had just been watching Tucker Carlson. Now, we get a lot of threats that come in as Tucker Carlson attacks me, but this person identified he had just heard from Tucker Carlson. He was then calling my office and then, of course, dropped a number of racist, sexist, homophobic epithets in the call and then threatened to kill my entire family. And what is so frustrating about this is that I have personally, eyeball to eyeball, asked Tucker Carlson not to lie about me on his show because of this effect. I have even in the last couple of months sent a text message to him telling him when he lies about me on his show, it results in death threats to me, my wife, and our family.”

He continued, “When we had people protesting outside his house just a couple of years ago, I went on Twitter despite not agreeing with almost anything he says, and I said that that’s wrong to his house and terrify his wife and the way that that happened. But he does this because he knows that his followers will be inspired and radicalized and then aim their vitriol at whoever he is attacking that day. It is not going to shake me. I am going to keep doing what I need to do. But we are in a radicalized country right now. I fear there is going to be a day of more bloodshed and violence against lawmakers and influencers in this country.”

Anchor Nicolle Wallace then asked, “Do you have any doubt that Tucker Carlson knows the effect of his attacks on you?”

“He knows it because I have conveyed it to him personally,” Swalwell answered.

“He knows the effects of his lies,” he added.

“I think he likes to do it. I think in a sick way he derives pleasure in knowing his viewers will aim their threats at lawmakers and whoever he’s attacking that day.”

Representative Swalwell has himself been caught lying to the American people on numerous occasions, with one of his more notable lies that of having evidence of the Trump administration colluding with Russia for nefarious purposes. Former Trump administration official Richard Grenell called Swalwell out for his years of lies about Russian collusion, pointing out that the congressional representative would say there was evidence of Russian collusion in public media all while classified hearings were confirming the opposite.

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