Sweden Investing Millions to Teach Migrants Not to Rape

The Swedish government is in the process of developing a website for teaching African and Middle Eastern migrant about consensual sex.

“The government is now pushing SEK 5 million to the Ministry of Youth and Civil Affairs (MUCF),” says Swedish site Friatider. “The money will include the further development of youmo.se, the government’s sex information site in Dari, Arabic and Somali.”

Lessons on the site include teaching the definition of rape.

“To do something sexually with someone who does not want it is a sexual abuse”, it says.

“You need protection against pregnancy if you do not want the intercourse to lead to a pregnancy,” the site continues. “You may also need protection against sexually transmitted diseases.”

According to the government, the site is not just for migrants, but also fro those who work with migrants when they arrive in Sweden.

“The mission includes expanding the information on youmo.se, expanding skills-enhancing efforts for professionals who meet young new arrivals, as well as providing long-term skills supply for professionals through the development of web-based education,” the Swedish government says.

The site also teaches migrant about the joys love.

“Under the tab ‘Being in love,’ exemplified by a picture of a young blond woman who kisses a dark-tempered man, one can read, among other things, that ‘Being a dear is usually a lovely feeling. Some people have been dear many times, others have never been dear,” writes Friatider.

Forgive the skepticism, but a perhaps this is not the best use of Swedish taxpayer funds.

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