Swedish Academics are Under Investigation for Discovering That Immigrants Commit Disproportionate Number of Rapes

A top Swedish academic and her colleagues are under investigation after discovering through her scholarly research that immigrants commit an overwhelmingly disproportionate number of rapes in the country.

Professor Kristina Sundquist conducted research at Lund University in Sweden, with the help of two colleagues, that came to these results. This was not the intent of the study, but the evidence was so substantial that they could not help but come to the conclusion that immigrants were driving the drastic increase of rapes occurring in Sweden.

Sundquist studied the period of 2000-2015, which is before the immigration crisis really started to overwhelm Europe, and found that immigrants not only committed the most rapes but also committed the vast majority of sexual violence. Authorities are looking to punish Sundquist over her unauthorized findings that contradict the official globalist narrative that diversity is our strength and multiculturalism makes us stronger.

“Immigrants were just a variable, and it turned out to be quite a remarkable discovery as there were many immigrants and foreign-born people in this group,” Sundquist said.

The study analyzed 3,039 offenders and found that 59.2 percent of them were immigrants, of which a majority of that group (47.7 percent) had been born outside of Sweden. They also found that as immigrants flood into the country and commit sex crimes, fewer of the cases are solved and fewer instances of sexual violence are reported.

The Swedish Ministry of Education is now investigating the report with Sundquist and her associate, Prof. Ardavan Khoshnood, under the microscope in order to determine whether or not Sundquist and Khoshnood had “ethical license” to handle “sensitive data.”

“It’s a shame,” Khoshnood said regarding the news that he was being investigated because the state did not approve of the conclusions of his work, adding that “the purpose of the study was not to find out what immigration is like.

“Surprisingly, this variable turned out to be quite important, and we didn’t know in advance what the study would show,” he said

Based on their comments, it appears that the Swedish Ministry of Education is getting ready to make examples of Sundquist and Khoshnood, in order to make sure that certain topics stay out-of-bounds for the purposes of political correctness.

“I don’t see anywhere that ethical permission is sought to test the hypothesis if immigrants are overrepresented in statistics on convicted rapists,” the ministry stated, adding that authors of the report failed to “reduce exclusion and improve integration” through their findings, which is apparently more important than the truth in the age of globalism.

Big League Politics has reported on Sweden’s descent into madness as the secular nation openly embraces evil and subsidizes children being groomed by predators in public:

Sweden will spend $175,000 of unclaimed inheritance money on promoting events akin to the ‘Drag Queen Story Hour‘ phenomenon seen in America.

The Public Inheritance Fund of Sweden is delegating the $175,000 to Kulturföreningen Mums, a organization that seeks to promote the LGBT lifestyle in Sweden.

Kulturföreningen Mums describes organizing an endeavor closely equivalent to Drag Queen Story Hour.

“The project will, together with children, young people and adults with disabilities, develop available normative creative fairy tales in the form of drag shows. Together with the target group and several organizations, the established business Among dragons and drag queens will create new fairy tales that reflect the target group.”

On the group’s website, they describe themselves as “violating norms in a beautiful way.” Exposing children to transgenderism certainly ‘violates norms,’ but it’s an understatement to reject the notion that such a project is “beautiful.”

There’s no reason to believed that the deceased Swedes funding the propaganda events ever had any intentions of their wealth being used to promote transgenderism and drag queens to children. But the ultra-liberal Swedish government has made the choice for them- a dubious decision considering that elderly Swedes are not likely to support such a use of their resources after their life.”

The globalists are at war with the truth in order to impose their heinously unpopular and dangerous policies on the masses. The actions of Sweden’s ministry of truth demonstrate this to be the case.

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