Swiss Police Chief Warns About Potential Social Unrest Once Power Shortages Start Kicking Off

Like many countries in Europe, Switzerland is taking preparatory measures for potential power shortages expected to take place in the forthcoming winter. 

Jan Flückiger, the Secretary General of the Energy Directors’ Conference, cautioned that “internal security then becomes a problem” when energy shortages start kicking off. According to Tyler Durden of ZeroHedge, Flückiger argued that the federal government has not grasped the gravity of this matter. 

While he was interviewed for a Swiss-German newspaper Blick, Fredy Fässler, the police chief of Switzerland’s St. Gallen canton, shockingly argued that people may take to the streets and start looting if Switzerland faces an energy crisis this winter.

“Imagine, you can no longer withdraw money at the ATM, you can no longer pay with the card in the store or refuel your tank at the gas station. Heating stops working. It’s cold. Streets go dark. It is conceivable that the population would rebel or that there would be looting,” he stated. 

Fässler stressed the importance of Swiss political leaders taking the necessary precautions to ensure that order is maintained across Switzerland.

Back in 2014, the Swiss government conducted multiple exercises in preparation for a blackout scenario. These exercises exposed significant flaws which consisted of a lack of emergency generators that law enforcement, hospital staff, and other workers in critical sectors could have access to.

“These shortcomings have been corrected in recent years,” the police chief said. He continued by saying that currently “the security forces are armed” and his agency is ready to supply Swiss citizens with cash if they are unable to carry out card transactions in store. The police chief claims that agreements with banks have already been signed.

Furthermore, Fässler warned about potential incidents of looting kicking off if Switzerland finds itself in an energy crisis this coming winter:

“I don’t want to paint the devil on the wall, but it has also been seen in environmental disasters that certain people have abused the situation to plunder unprotected objects. This could also be the case if the network is switched off, for example in shops where there is something to buy.”

Fässler did warn the federal government to not get too enthusiastic and start implementing tyrannical orders:

“I appeal to the federal government to only order measures that can be implemented and, above all, controlled. We certainly won’t become the sauna police.”

Durden noted that Werner Luginbuhl, the president of the Swiss Electricity Commission (ElCom), claimed that citizens were using electricity “completely thoughtlessly,” and called on them to hoard candles and firewood because of the potential for power outages to take place during this winter. 

Switzerland has traditionally been viewed as an oasis of reason in a desert of globalism on the European continent. Its decentralized political order, strong support for gun ownership, foreign policy neutrality, and relatively small state has made it one of the freer and more prosperous societies on the planet. 

However, many of the same forces that have subverted the Collective West are beginning to infect Switzerland. No nation is truly “exceptional” nor is it immune to the scourge of multicultural despotism. 

As always, citizens of the Collective West must constantly be vigilant about their political affairs if they truly want to restore their freedoms and preserve them for their posterity to enjoy.

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