Syracuse University Fraternity Exonerated of “Racism” Suspension in Judge’s Ruling, Reinstated to Campus

Syracuse University

A Syracuse University fraternity suspended from campus by college administrators on grounds of alleged “racism” has won a legal challenge against the suspension, with a judge ordering the university to reinstate Alpha Chi Rho.

Judge Scott DelConte ruled that Syracuse must reinstate Alpha Chi Rho as a recognized campus organization, stating that the members of the fraternity were falsely accused of “racism” by campus authorities.

The record is clear: Alpha Chi Rho did nothing wrong,” said Judge DelConte in his ruling. Syracuse Chancellor Kent Syverud’s public claims that there was “substantial evidence” of misconduct on the part of Alpha Chi Rho’s members were a lie, DelConte revealed in his ruling last week. Syracuse has defended its decision, without providing any new evidence of student misconduct on the part of the group’s members.

The judge blamed a Syracuse University administrator who overturned a Greek Life council decision to reinstate Alpha Chi Rho for the unjust suspension. Syracuse University administrators had cited alleged “racist” infractions by members of the fraternity, all without providing any evidence of actual offenses.

The thin suspension of Alpha Chi Rho was based upon accounts regarding an individual who made a allegedly offensive racial statement off campus. This individual wasn’t a member of Alpha Chi Rho, and only had been in the fraternity’s campus house earlier that day.

There is no provision in the Fraternity and Sorority Affairs policy, or the Code of Student Conduct, that allows the University to punish fraternities for the independent, off-campus actions of former guests,” DelConte wrote in his ruling, which mandates the frat’s reinstatement. “Fraternities cannot police the statements of their former guests who leave campus, and it would be unreasonable to have, or apply, a policy that punishes fraternities, or other student social organizations, for conduct they cannot control.

Alpha Chi Rho was suspended from Syracuse in 2019 during an onslaught of left-wing campus social justice activism, much of which targeted fraternities on tenuous and prejudiced grounds. The campus social groups have been increasingly targeted by university leftists across America who oppose free association of individuals they see as their enemies.

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