Syria Demands the United Nations Security Council to Halt Israel’s Military Actions Against Syria 

On January 2, 2023, the Syrian Foreign Ministry called on the United Nations Security Council to condemn Israeli air raids against Syria and halt them on future occasions. 

According to SANA news agency, the Syrian Foreign Ministry called on Israel to be brought to justice for a new “aggressive” air campaign against Syria. 

“At a time when peace-loving humanity continued to celebrate the beginning of the New Year, Israel launched a missile attack on Damascus International Airport,” the statement reported.

“As a result, two Syrian soldiers were killed and material damage was inflicted, resulting in the airport’s temporary suspension.”

The communique highlighted that “with this insidious attack, Israel has expanded the list of the war crimes it has committed against Syria in recent years.”

“Syria condemns missile attacks on civilian infrastructure facilities, which endanger the lives of innocent civilians and disrupt air links,” the statement stressed. “Damascus draws attention to the fact that Israel’s aggressive actions constitute a flagrant violation of international law and pose a threat to regional peace and security.”

Syria’s Transportation Ministry reported that repair teams were able to partially eliminate the impact of the missile attack.

“This made it possible to resume flights in the normal mode,” the ministry announced.

As the world becomes multipolar, with countries such as China, Iran, Russia, and Turkey rising again to re-assert their geopolitical influence, countries such as Israel will have to tread lightly. Israel’s status as a beneficiary of Western altruism and protection (especially from the United States) could be greatly impacted by a more multipolar geopolitical order. In such circumstances, Israel can’t throw its weight around in the Middle East with impunity. It will have to adjust accordingly, as witnessed by its recent efforts to normalize relations with various Arab states.

On top of that, the US’s Pivot to Asia to contain a rising China means that Israel can’t count on the US’s full support in times of crisis. These factors will undeniably compel Israel to recalibrate its foreign policy approach and limit its expansionist ambitions to create a “Greater Israel.”

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