Taliban Comes into Possession of Massive Weapons Cache and Untold Amounts of Money Ostensibly Left Behind by United States

The Taliban appear to be new owners of a massive weapons cache and seemingly endless bricks of $100 bills ostensibly left behind by the United States.

A long series of Instagram stories were recently posted on the @topest account depicting Taliban fighters coming into possession of countless military guns and stacks of cash.

Watch just a few of the stories below:

The Taliban’s findings are consonant with a hasty and botched American withdrawal from Afghanistan. American-backed Afghani forces surrendered to the advancing Taliban without a fight, with the latter waltzing into Kabul unopposed last week.

The situation on the ground is worsening. A suicide bombing allegedly committed by ISIS-K has killed or wounded around 173 people Thursday. Four US Marines are reported to have died in the blast at Hamid Karzai International Airport:

Four US Marines are now dead following a suicide bombing at the Kabul Airport’s Abbey gate, with the Islamic State’s regional Afghanistan affiliate thought to be responsible for the first casualties of the evacuation mission at the airport.

News of the casualties surfaced on Thursday morning. It had been previously reported that three Marines were injured in the attacks. As of Thursday afternoon, as many as 43 Americans and Afghan nationals have died as a result of the attacks. 130 have been reportedly injured, and as many as 60% have been taken to a Kabul hospital in critical condition.

In addition to targeting the gate, ISIS suicide bombers attacked the nearby Baron Hotel, where many Americans are present in anticipation of evacuation from the country.

Taliban operatives were ostensibly providing security around the airport’s outskirts. Many details about the blast have yet to be released, and many questions still remain unanswered.

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