Taliban Government Seen Dangling Man From Blackhawk Helicopter in Kandahar

The Afghan Taliban was seen hanging what appeared to be a man from a rope affixed to a UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter above the country’s region of Kandahar on Monday.

Experts believe the Taliban has seized 33 Blackhawks from the arsenal of the Afghan National Army, which relinquished its arms and equipment without a fight to the group upon capitulating earlier this month. Following failed attempts to pilot the utility aircraft- one of the staples of United States Army aviation and used for a variety of military operations- it appears the Taliban has figured out how to get the bird off the group.

It’s not entirely clear if the man being hung from the chopper was the victim of a medieval Sharia punishment inflicted by the Islamist group, a Taliban member who was taking a bizarre joyride of sorts in unsafe conditions, or someone who was the victim of an aviation accident.

Some video footage appears to show the individual- possibly a victim- danging from the chopper with a rope that could be tied around his neck. Some have even suggested the figure might even be a statue, although in some video footage the person hanging appears to be moving.

Former President Donald Trump has proposed destroying the high-value captured military equipment the ANA relinquished to the Taliban, with the prospect of China or another US adversary acquiring the gear a serious national security concern.

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