TALK IS CHEAP: Bill Barr Decries ‘Fascistic’, ‘Bolshevik’ BLM Rioters…But Where Are The Indictments?

Attorney General Bill Barr is publicly battling Democrats over his assertions that the “Bolshevik” rioters of ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter are acting in a “fascistic” manner while conducting their nationwide orgy of destruction.

“I think they would be, you know, generally for bringing down any administration,” Barr said during a Fox News interview with right-wing personality Mark Levin. “They are a revolutionary group that is interested in some form of socialism, communism, they’re essentially Bolsheviks, their tactics are fascistic.”

He continued: “The media has recently looked at our efforts to bring justice to the streets of these communities that are suffering the violence, and then the equate that to what they refer to as ‘jackboot federal agents going in to crush protesters’.”

“It’s either an amazing lack of understanding of what’s happening around them, or it’s deliberate,” Barr added.

Despite Barr’s acknowledgement of ANTIFA and BLM being violent terror groups, he has yet to bring the individuals leading these groups to justice. ANTIFA has been backed by progressive oligarch George Soros for years while BLM is led by openly anti-American Marxists at war with the Bill of Rights and Constitution.

Big League Politics has reported on how left-wing city officials have allowed these terrorists to run wild throughout the country and the feds have largely stood down:

Customs and Border Patrol Commissioner Mark Morgan slammed Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler and the city’s government failure to secure the Hatfield Federal Courthouse from left-wing criminal rioters, when speaking to FOX News on two occasions this week.

Morgan strongly rejected Wheeler’s demands that federal personnel leave the city of Portland, pointing out the criminal threat directed towards the courthouse on a nightly basis.

That’s not going to happen — and that’s what this is about. It’s not about all of the political talking points. It’s straightforward. It’s about law and order. It’s about criminals that are attacking a federal facility and have attempted night after night to burn it to the ground and they have assaulted federal agents night after night after night,” said Morgan.

Wheeler continues to blame federal law enforcement for the criminal conduct of rioters targeting the courthouse, even as the neoliberal mayor was brutally abused and mocked by the so-called protestors himself when he joined them for a night of riots at the courthouse.

Morgan was even more blunt about Wheeler’s failure of leadership when following up on his remarks on Thursday.

President Donald Trump also called out Wheeler’s irresponsibility during an interview with Sean Hannity on Thursday. “Mayor Wheeler. And he’s—he made a fool out of himself. He wanted to be among the people, so he went into the crowd, and they knocked the hell out of him. That was the end of him. So it was pretty pathetic.

Until ANTIFA and BLM are prosecuted under national security powers by the federal government, Barr’s rhetoric will continue to fall flat.

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