Tampon Shortages Are The Latest Example Of Biden’s Out-Of-Control Supply Chain Crisis

Things just keep getting worse under President Biden’s so-called leadership. As the supply chain crisis facing America, paired with astronomical inflation levels is affecting virtually every industry. Now, it comes for tampons.

Women are reportedly having a harder time than ever finding tampons amongst other feminine hygiene products. This is in addition to the ongoing baby formula shortage that has many families worried about how they are going to feed their children. A debacle so trivial, that despite growing concerns and frustrations, the White House still (somehow) has “nothing new” to report.

One of the reasons feminine products like tampons are becoming increasingly hard to find and afford is because cotton, a key material in the manufacture of these items, has been heavily impacted thanks to the stymied import of fertilizer.

The supply chain backup of fertilizer was exacerbated by Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, but it’s worth noting that this problem started when Biden first took office in 2021 – during a time of intense Covid-19 restrictions. It appears as though the ramifications of those actions are finally coming due just one year later.

As reported by Bloomberg, “costs are soaring for components such as plastics, fluff pulp, and cotton, leading to price hikes for pads and tampons.” When compared to the prior year, menstrual pads’ prices have risen 8.3%, while tampons’ prices have grown 9.8%.

“The increases are squeezing shoppers, especially low-income consumers already struggling with the highest inflation in four decades,” the outlet added. “Unlike with shampoo or razors, though, people with monthly periods can’t easily cut back on consumption or wait for prices to decline. The cost of period goods aren’t covered by federal assistance programs, nor are they exempt from most states taxes.”

So while Bidenflation continues to hurt the pocketbooks of the average American family, the White House continues to focus on social issues while directing relief for the actual issues Americans care about – like the baby formula shortage – to illegal migrants.

“They’re receiving pallets and more pallets of baby formula at the border,” Republican Rep. Kat Cammack said back in May of this year. “Meanwhile, in our own district at home, we cannot find baby formula.”

Cammack, along with other Republicans, has been rightfully critical of the Biden administration and media for failing to address or provide solutions for the shortage of baby formula across the nation. Claiming that this latest development only proves this administration continues to put “America last” in all of its decision-making and policies.

Now those lawmakers can add inaccessible feminine hygiene products to that list. Which is sure to evolve into a key-button issue for the average American family. One that deserves answers and action from the Biden administration before it’s too late.

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