Tanzanian President and Critic of Vaccines Dies of Heart Condition After Weeks of Illness

Tanzanian President John Magufuli has died shortly after questioning the COVID-19 vaccine regime that is being thrust upon the world amidst a backdrop of mass hysteria.

Magufuli, who was 61 at the time of his death, reportedly succumbed to a heart condition that he had been suffering with for quite some time.

“Our beloved president passed on at 6 p.m. this evening,” said Vice President Samia Suluhu on national television. “All flags will be flown at half-mast for 14 days. It is sad news. The president has had this illness for the past 10 years.”

His political opponents are claiming without evidence that he died of COVID-19. Magufuli, a devout Catholic, grew to be one of the most credible opponents of COVID-19 mass hysteria and refused to bow to destructive lockdown policies.

“Countries in Africa will be coming here to buy food in the years to come … they will be suffering because of shutting down their economy,” said Magufuli, who added that “coronavirus is a devil … and cannot sit in the body of Christ.”

Big League Politics reported on how Magufuli railed against the COVID-19 vaccine, calling it poison and urging his countrymen to being stuck with the experimental gene therapy shots:

The United Republic of Tanzania is rejecting COVID-19 mass hysteria and telling Big Pharma that they do not want vaccines.

Tanzanian President John Magufuli has said that his society is free of the virus, doesn’t need the vaccines, and the pandemic is over. He possesses the courage lacked by virtually every leader in the Western world.

“There are some Tanzanians who recently traveled abroad in search of coronavirus vaccines. These people brought the virus into our country when they returned. Let us stand firm. This vaccine is not good at all,” Magufuli said.

Additionally, Magufuli has dutifully rejected the measures used throughout the West to allegedly combat the spread of COVID-19. He has not instituted social distancing or lockdown policies and has generally not promoted the use of mask-wearing. Instead, Magufuli has told his people to pray more, inhale steam, and eat additional fruits and vegetables.

As a result of his rejection of COVID-19 mass hysteria, Magufuli has come under fire from the European Union (EU). EU bureaucrats hope to punish Tanzania for not complying with their regime of global submission.

With Magufuli out of the picture, Tanzania is likely to fall to COVID-19 submission.

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