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Texas House Speaker Dennis Bonnen Stacked Key Committee with Democrats



Big League Politics has learned that Texas House Speaker Dennis Bonnen stacked the most important committee for moving legislation with a solid majority of non-Republicans, dooming many Republican bills to die.


Big League uncovered the revelation while reporting on why the Texas House Calendars Committee just killed the popularly-supported monuments protection bill, HB 583 — arguably an odd outcome for an ostensibly Republican-controlled Texas House with an 83-to-67 majority.

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The committee in question is the final destination for ALL legislation in the Texas House of Representatives, and is often cynically referred to as “the place good bills go to die.”
Section 15. Standing Committee Appointments — (a) The speaker
shall designate the chair and vice-chair of each standing substantive
committee and shall also appoint membership of the committee, subject to
the provisions of Rule 4, Section 2.

(b) If members of equal seniority request the same committee,
the speaker shall decide which among them shall be assigned to that

(c) In announcing the membership of the standing substantive
committees, the speaker shall designate which are appointees and which acquire membership by seniority.

(d) The speaker shall appoint the chair and vice-chair of each standing procedural committee and the remaining membership of the committee.

(e) If a new speaker is elected to fill a vacancy in the office after the
appointment of standing committees, the new speaker may not alter the composition of any standing committee before the end of the session, except that the new speaker may:

(1) vacate the new speaker’s membership on any committee;
(2) make committee appointments for the member who was
removed as speaker;
(3) designate a different member of a standing committee as
committee chair; and
(4) fill vacancies that occur on a committee.
(Source: page 10 and page 28 of the official House Rules manual.
While there’s no “majority” of Democrats on the committee, the case can be made that there’s not a “majority” of Republicans, either. Several members of the Texas House, who shall remain anonymous, confirmed that Speaker Bonnen stacked the committee to favor a less conservative composition — with a 5-5 partisan split (not counting Chairman Four Price’s tie-breaking vote).
The maximum majority possible would be 7-4 (but for some reason, Bonnen only allowed for a 6-5 majority, again counting Committee Chmn. Four Price.) It is widely known Bonnen and Four Price were the two former Speaker Joe Strauss was grooming as his replacement.
That means that at least one or two Republicans had to vote against monument protection legislation (and other conservative priority bills) for them to fail.
Where it concerns committee appointments, one House member stated, “After the half by seniority the rest are up to the speaker.”
The Speakers usually don’t stack the deck but could. But this rule does not apply to the Calendars Committee, explained the same House member to Big League Politics. “The calendar committee is all speaker chosen,” he remarked, adding that, “Seniority doesn’t apply to procedural committees like calendars.”
House majority breakdown versus minority:
(Source: Texas House of Representatives, official website.)
Per state rules, committees of the Texas House of Representatives are assigned half by seniority and half by the Speaker of the House. Representatives select three committees they wish to serve on, and half of a committee’s seats are filled in this manner based on seniority. In the case of equal seniority, the Speaker decides the seat. Once half of each committee is selected through this method, the Speaker appoints the rest of the committees.
Committees are assigned at the start of each legislative session. A majority of appointed members make up a committee’s quorum. The Speaker is not recognized as an “ex officio” member of any committee.


OUTRAGEOUS: Milwaukee Man Who was Defending His Home from a Leftist Mob is Arrested



A Milwaukee man was arrested on September 14, 2020 for simply making an attempt to defend his home from a leftist mob.

At first, agitators launched a demonstration at a neighbor’s home claiming that he was racist. When the man eventually drew out his gun for fear of his life, the police were immediately called and the man would later be arrested.

A Twitter user Kitty Shackleford reported on this story.

A crowd gathered around the man’s house and laid out a Black Lives Matter banner on the street with a BLM fist cutout also present. In addition, an American flag was seen hanging close to the man’s front door.

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The man’s allegedly racist behavior was drawn from a 15 second video that children shot and posted to Facebook.

Before the police arrived, the gathering in front of the man’s house had a party feel to it with loud music and children and adults dancing in the streets. A good portion of the people outside took out their cell phones and started recording the man’s home.

The confrontation became heated when the activists directly called out the man. The agitators then shined their lights on the man’s home, which had an American flag hanging next to the front door and an “all aboard the Trump Train” sign.

After the activists turned off the music, they started yelling on a megaphone, “Hey Pete!”

As the agitators yelled, the man can be seen inside, holding his gun.

When it became clear that the man was ready to defend himself and his house, the group of agitators called the cops on the homeowner. The activists continued the party after the man was taken away.

This event was organized on Facebook by Vaun L. Mayes, a local activist who was recently arrested on burglary charges. His charges were then dropped by Milwaukee County District Attorney John T. Chisholm, a Democrat.

Mayes planned the gathering in front of his neighbor’s house and was able to collect donations to organize this disturbance.

Vivek Saxena of BizPac Review pointed out that Mayes is also currently facing federal charges for allegedly “plotting to firebomb a Milwaukee police station after the Sherman Park unrest in 2016.”

In present-day America, the right to self-defense is becoming less respected by the day. Even worse, radical left-wing mobs receive protection from the state and are allowed to wreak havoc. But when decent Americans attempt to stand up for themselves, they get pulverized.

This is anarcho-tyranny at its worst.

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