Taylor Lorenz Slides Into Libs Of Tik Tok’s DMs, Smears Over Boston Children’s Hospital Bomb Threat: You ‘Helped To Foster Violence’

The Washington Post and Taylor Lorenz are coming for Libs of Tik Tok and Chaya Raichik. Doing everything in their power to expose and deplatform the Twitter account for simply reposting videos and content from far-left radicals.

The reason for this is that Libs of Tik Tok has become too powerful. As it exposes the left for just how delusional many of its ideologies are. Plus how ingrained it is in many of America’s institutions and government-funded entities.

In the latest installment of this saga, Lorenz sent Raichik a direct message on Twitter about a “big story on influencers who spread narratives about election fraud in 2020.”

Libs of Tik Tok posted the screenshot below:

“We mention in the story that your account has helped to foster violence and that your posts led to death threats against medical providers at Boston Children’s Hospital,” Lorenz continued. “And a bomb threat caused the hospital to be evacuated.”

“We also say you intend to continue to target hospitals,” Lorenz continued in Raichik’s DMS. “Do you have any comment? The piece is running [Tuesday] morning, so please send through a response to the above quesitons by 5pm PST. Thanks!”

The bomb threat that Lorenz was pinning onto Libs of Tik Tok was quickly deemed a hoax by law-enforcement. And conservatives – including Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon, who is an investor in Libs of Tik Tok – have offered a cash reward for information on the threat since the story first broke.

This however, does not appear to be included in Lorenz’s narrative. Instead, she is only choosing to focus on Twitter talking points in an attempt to further smear the Libs of Tik Tok name.

Libs of Tik Tok has been covering the Boston Children’s Hospital in particular perhaps more than anyone else, and even released an audio recording of staff admitting to performing “gender-affirming hysterectomies” on female patients 16 years old and younger.

Leftist activists quickly blamed Libs of Tik Tok for the threat, citing her reporting as the cause for this person – whoever they are – to target the Boston Children’s Hospital.

Seems as though Lorenz is siding with activists over facts. It also appears that at this point, these exposes are more personal than educational.

From The Post Millennial: “Lorenz has been targeting Raichik for months. First, she doxxed Raichik, who had been posting anonymously under Libs of TikTok, and then proceeded to make false claims against Raichik, who shares posts of people speaking their beliefs in their own words.”

“Why is she obsessed with me? @TaylorLorenz” Raychik blasted the so-called journalist for the DM on Twitter. “I don’t want to date you.”

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